Wednesday, June 10, 2015

What else?

Today was going pretty well until...

- The quadcopter flew into a shrub and ended up under the front-stairs and I had to crawl through spiderwebs to retrieve it.

- People were selfish and lazy and made a ton more work for me.

- I ran out of freezer space because I can't eat any of the delicious things that are in my freezer because my body hates me.

- The only thing I had in my house to eat for dinner was French Fries and I accidentally over-salted them and then burnt them but had to eat them anyway in account of lack of other options.

- The cheese drawer from my fridge fell on the floor and cracked in half.

- A full-length shelf from my fridge fell over and shattered into a million billion pieces everywhere from my dining room to my bedroom and everywhere in between - then it had to get cleaned up.

I'm following the instructions on my bottle of Tylenol:

"Take 2, and keep away from children."

Maybe that will help.

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