Thursday, July 30, 2015

Yessir Threebagsfull

The week started off really well - Monday and Tuesday were good and fun. Unfortunately on Tuesday evening I started feeling very much under the weather.

Wednesday had me running fever and dehydrating. Z stayed home from work to take care of me. Taking care of me ended up including a trip in my pajamas to the local health clinic for two liters of IV fluids. The big comfy recliner was free for me and thankfully I felt moderately better once I was (re)hydrated. It was a step in the right direction but today was no picnic. Thankfully my fever broke early this afternoon, but I'm still feeling quite icky.

Best part of the whole IV thing was when Z brought Buzz back to pick me up and the nurse was just removing the IV and she said to Buzz, 'Your Mommy is so brave!' And Buzz's response was, 'Does she get a sticker now?'
Tomorrow's goal is to just keep hydrated. We are going to stay at The FamBily House for shabbos so that I can have a no-stress weekend. It is The FamBily's last Shabbos before they fly so it will be nice to get in lots of quality time to past us for a couple of weeks.
In exciting news - this week the contractor made all of the preparations for and eventually poured the concrete of the ground floor of our house!!! It is SUPER exciting!!! (We didn't go out there to see it yet, but Z will go sometime next week to get better pics. Our mifakeach took this one and sent it over to show us the progress.)

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Tootie Dough!

Well, we made it through another day of mourning. Redemption seems to be running a little behind schedule. I'm peeved because I washed my dishes in anticipation of the long-awaited arrival. Oh well, any minute now. Better be before someone makes more dirty dishes though...

In good news, Buzz and I had a pretty great day together. We played board games, colored, and even baked some buns for break-fast. He had SO much fun rolling out the dough and shaping his own rolls. It was absolutely adorKable.
Weekend roundup - Friday was nice. Z and I took an outing to the mall. When we got home I realized that I had zero energy to cook so I called up The Crazy Lady and begged to be allowed to come over for the whole of Shabbos day. I'm lucky that she likes me (or Buzz...) but she said it was no problem.

We enjoyed a quick 'early shabbos' meal. Shabbos morning we walked over to The FamBily House at 8am. Then we spent the whole day there. It was delightful.
Tomorrow we get back on track after 3 weeks of semi-oddness. After 9 days of zero laundry, I'll get to get all caught up. Bathrooms to scrub, cabinets to organize, guest rooms to unearth... I'm planning to shlep all of the Pesach stuff back down to the machsan - finally. I'm really hoping that I won't need to bring it all back up in a few months - and that we'll be unpacking it into our house long before then!
Onwards and upwards! So very very much to do.

Maybe I should get a voom.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Sweet&Sour Saga...

Today I bring you some more 'Photos by Buzz' - he's really getting the whole, 'cover the lens, get picture of finger' thing down pat. As a result he's no longer covering the lens as often. We are also working on patience, so a lot less blurry photos because now he waits for the camera to take the shot before moving on to the next thing.

It's cute how he studies his surroundings and chooses subjects rather than snapping away at random. It shows a thought process of sorts. I enjoy weeding through the photos from his sessions because each one is an adventure. It's so cute and fascinating. Especially because it's all from the point of view of a three year old.
This week has been a good one as far as food is concerned. I made fresh dinners almost every night this week! Fish and popcorn cauliflower, homemade vegetable pizza, tomato vegetable soup with homemade garlic breadsticks...lucky guys are happy to be getting 'real dinners' at home. We haven't even mooched a meal off of The FamBily this week! Nine days, no meat? No problem! We've got this covered.
Yesterday I cooked up a huge vat of chicken soup. Theoretically, the next time I make chicken soup it will be the batch that gets us through all of the high holidays! *gulp* that's only 7 weeks away.

Today I baked a batch of muffins to restock the freezer - Z needs his breakfasts you know!

Tomorrow I've got to do my cooking for Shabbos. We may take the car to get washed. It could really use a cleaning. And of course we will all be hydrating in preparation for the fast on Sunday.
Today The Sun House got a quick visit from some of The Freddies! Buzz was super duper excited for cousin time. They shared some BBQ chips and some chocolate money, rode their little cars for miles, and played some dominoes. They seemed to have a great time. It was adorable! They're excited for 'summer break' because we will hopefully have a few more fun play dates together!

Monday, July 20, 2015


It's been a whole week since I last updated. Last week was hot hot hot, but this week isn't proving to be much different. Last week buzz had 'water play' in gan, but it completely slipped my mind in the morning and I forgot to send a change of clothes. The teacher scrounged through the assortment of clothes in his backpack and he came home dressed in an outfit that a three year old could be proud of. (See below...)
Buzz has been playing with Animal a lot lately. He shleps him around and calls him his 'baby' which I find endlessly amusing. Personally I see a lot of Z in the fuzzy little baby, maybe it's the crazy facial hair.
Last week I decided that since it's been very hot and I've been opting to take the bus to gan pickup rather than walking 1.5km in 32C (or hotter) weather - that I'd have to find somewhere in the budget to trim enough shekels so that I can support my bus-riding-habit. And so, I decided to stop buying French fries - my breakfast food of choice. Instead I've been hand-cutting fries every morning. It doesn't really take any longer than grating up the potatoes for a giant latka. And this way I can hop on the bus across town rather than sweating while hiking. 

I'm waiting eagerly for the weather to cool down so that I can resume walking, but to be honest, I may keep hand-cutting my fries. This way I know that they're 100% potatoes with no added sugars or preservatives. Seems like a good deal to me.
Today is my 5th day taking a new medication. It is working miracles on my guts! Since last Thursday I've been decidedly less nauseous, able to eat normal sized meals and still have enough room to drink as much water as I need to stay well hydrated (instead of needing to balance a few bites of food with a few sips of water and ending up perpetually hungry, dehydrated, and feeling sick.) so basically - it's AMAZING!!! I had forgotten what it was like to live without feeling sick 22 out of 24 hours of the day. Pretty sad to think about. I'm so grateful that Z pushed me to go see a 7th Gastroenterologist, because finally somebody had something useful and productive to suggest!
Shabbos was very quiet this past weekend. The parentals and Phil spent Shabbos with The Freddies. Dibble stayed at our house and it was a whole lot of hysterical fun. Good times indeed. Buzz and Dibble played CandyLand and some catch and read some stories. It was all good. Shabbos afternoon we ventured out to visit S&S which was also delightful! Buzz had an excellent time with his great-grandparents - and for the last two days he has talked about how much fun he had building a castle and playing with colorful blocks. Super cute!
Today we spent a large portion of the early afternoon in the dark. A citywide blackout kept us bored in the way that only gadget-dependent people can be. I opened my trissim, and stared at the wall before realizing that I could read some of my book! The time passed quickly and before I knew it I had to head out to pick up Buzz.

At The FamBily House things were hopping as usual. Snacks for everyone and the power came back on which meant air-conditioning for everyone.

I need to figure out dinner for tonight. And hopefully tomorrow I'll be more productive than I was at any point this week so far. At the very least there are no dirty dishes in the sink. That's a win for me.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Buzz is Boss

On Friday I steeled myself and Z drove us out to a huge warehouse in Netivot to choose out the ceramics for our house! Our contractor has a good working relationship with this particular place which is why we specifically shlepped all the way out there. True to reviews - they had a great selection. A wonderful lady helped us pick out things that were tasteful, and within our budget. It was actually a very pleasant experience.
On our way back to The Sun House we stopped off at our building-site to check on the progress that the crew had made in a week. They put a top on our basement and waterproofed the whole shebang. It is so exciting!
Shabbos was really nice. I had done 90% of the cooking on Thursday so there was no pressure when we walked into the house at 4pm on Friday afternoon. Just had to pop the chicken into the oven (it was already marinating in the baking pan) and make a pot of rice pilaf.

Abe came to stay with us for the weekend and that was also a lot of fun! Buzz was so excited - he loves when Abe comes to stay. Friday night was nice and relaxing. The chicken soup was delicious, the sesame chicken turned out amazingly, the GF yellow rice pilaf was fluffy, and the fine string beans were delectable with a splash of EVOO and a dash of salt and garlic powder. Shabbos lunch was also tasty - meat roll, ff pesto chicken galette, potato kugel, carrot muffins... Yum! Leftovers for lunch and dinner today! That's for sure!

We walked over to The FamBily House in the early afternoon and spent the rest of the day sharing their air-conditioning and eating their cake. Gosh I'll miss that when we move - but it's ok, then we will pay them back by hosting them at our place.

Sunday, July 05, 2015

"Abba, wash the dishes!"

So last week Z was away at miluim. He left early Sunday morning and we got really lucky because he was released a day early - so he came home Wesnesday afternoon instead of Thursday evening. It was a really stressful week for me to say the least. 
Buzz tried to behave and be as helpful as a three year old can be. He was decidedly adorable and amusing large portions of the time. And it was nice to have him to snuggle so that my big bed wasn't too lonely. I do wish he'd learn how to not hog the blankets.
On Thursday morning Z dragged me down to check on the progress of our project. We stood on our basement floor and got a feel for the size of the space. It really brought a concrete feeling of 'this is happening' into place for me. We discussed the heights of electrical outlets, window frame options, and other random considerations. We made it back just in time to pick Buzz up from gan. Then we snagged a haircut appointment for him (since he was looking extremely shaggy.) The poor kid is terrified of the electric trimmer and of the spray-bottle, so the barber did the best he could with scissors (and a wiggly head). The funniest part about the haircut was that afterwards Buzz insisted that we had to go directly to The FamBily House for his birthday party and a cake. (He may have made some (erroneous) associations on account of that first haircut he ever had...)
Friday went by very quickly. We enjoyed a delicious Shabbos lunch at The FamBily House - we were grateful to have walked early in the morning before the heat became unbearable. We ended up crashing out all day and gladly accepted (read: demanded) a ride home after havdalah. Buzz was falling asleep during havdalah which was really cute - but he was zonked.
This week there are a whole bunch of random things scheduled. Everyone is choosing their clothes for weddings and parties - but I own exactly 1 short black skirt that is only 2 sizes too big on me so I guess I'll make that work with some top. (Getting dressed gets complicated when you unintentionally lose 50lbs and have no clue what your crazy body is planning to do next so you don't want to waste money on a new wardrobe but then you have nothing that actually fits - besides for what you borrow (read: steal) from your younger sisters' closets...) Talk about your First World Problems.

Phil's birthday present finally arrived and I am SO excited to give it to her! But first I've got to pick up Freddie's gift, since her special day is next up in our summer birthday line-up extravaganza. I love any reason to make parties for people. Ok, I really just like making cake. Who am I kidding, I just want to eat the cake. Mmmm, cake.