Sunday, July 12, 2015

Buzz is Boss

On Friday I steeled myself and Z drove us out to a huge warehouse in Netivot to choose out the ceramics for our house! Our contractor has a good working relationship with this particular place which is why we specifically shlepped all the way out there. True to reviews - they had a great selection. A wonderful lady helped us pick out things that were tasteful, and within our budget. It was actually a very pleasant experience.
On our way back to The Sun House we stopped off at our building-site to check on the progress that the crew had made in a week. They put a top on our basement and waterproofed the whole shebang. It is so exciting!
Shabbos was really nice. I had done 90% of the cooking on Thursday so there was no pressure when we walked into the house at 4pm on Friday afternoon. Just had to pop the chicken into the oven (it was already marinating in the baking pan) and make a pot of rice pilaf.

Abe came to stay with us for the weekend and that was also a lot of fun! Buzz was so excited - he loves when Abe comes to stay. Friday night was nice and relaxing. The chicken soup was delicious, the sesame chicken turned out amazingly, the GF yellow rice pilaf was fluffy, and the fine string beans were delectable with a splash of EVOO and a dash of salt and garlic powder. Shabbos lunch was also tasty - meat roll, ff pesto chicken galette, potato kugel, carrot muffins... Yum! Leftovers for lunch and dinner today! That's for sure!

We walked over to The FamBily House in the early afternoon and spent the rest of the day sharing their air-conditioning and eating their cake. Gosh I'll miss that when we move - but it's ok, then we will pay them back by hosting them at our place.

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