Thursday, July 23, 2015

Sweet&Sour Saga...

Today I bring you some more 'Photos by Buzz' - he's really getting the whole, 'cover the lens, get picture of finger' thing down pat. As a result he's no longer covering the lens as often. We are also working on patience, so a lot less blurry photos because now he waits for the camera to take the shot before moving on to the next thing.

It's cute how he studies his surroundings and chooses subjects rather than snapping away at random. It shows a thought process of sorts. I enjoy weeding through the photos from his sessions because each one is an adventure. It's so cute and fascinating. Especially because it's all from the point of view of a three year old.
This week has been a good one as far as food is concerned. I made fresh dinners almost every night this week! Fish and popcorn cauliflower, homemade vegetable pizza, tomato vegetable soup with homemade garlic breadsticks...lucky guys are happy to be getting 'real dinners' at home. We haven't even mooched a meal off of The FamBily this week! Nine days, no meat? No problem! We've got this covered.
Yesterday I cooked up a huge vat of chicken soup. Theoretically, the next time I make chicken soup it will be the batch that gets us through all of the high holidays! *gulp* that's only 7 weeks away.

Today I baked a batch of muffins to restock the freezer - Z needs his breakfasts you know!

Tomorrow I've got to do my cooking for Shabbos. We may take the car to get washed. It could really use a cleaning. And of course we will all be hydrating in preparation for the fast on Sunday.
Today The Sun House got a quick visit from some of The Freddies! Buzz was super duper excited for cousin time. They shared some BBQ chips and some chocolate money, rode their little cars for miles, and played some dominoes. They seemed to have a great time. It was adorable! They're excited for 'summer break' because we will hopefully have a few more fun play dates together!

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