Sunday, July 26, 2015

Tootie Dough!

Well, we made it through another day of mourning. Redemption seems to be running a little behind schedule. I'm peeved because I washed my dishes in anticipation of the long-awaited arrival. Oh well, any minute now. Better be before someone makes more dirty dishes though...

In good news, Buzz and I had a pretty great day together. We played board games, colored, and even baked some buns for break-fast. He had SO much fun rolling out the dough and shaping his own rolls. It was absolutely adorKable.
Weekend roundup - Friday was nice. Z and I took an outing to the mall. When we got home I realized that I had zero energy to cook so I called up The Crazy Lady and begged to be allowed to come over for the whole of Shabbos day. I'm lucky that she likes me (or Buzz...) but she said it was no problem.

We enjoyed a quick 'early shabbos' meal. Shabbos morning we walked over to The FamBily House at 8am. Then we spent the whole day there. It was delightful.
Tomorrow we get back on track after 3 weeks of semi-oddness. After 9 days of zero laundry, I'll get to get all caught up. Bathrooms to scrub, cabinets to organize, guest rooms to unearth... I'm planning to shlep all of the Pesach stuff back down to the machsan - finally. I'm really hoping that I won't need to bring it all back up in a few months - and that we'll be unpacking it into our house long before then!
Onwards and upwards! So very very much to do.

Maybe I should get a voom.

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