Sunday, July 05, 2015

"Abba, wash the dishes!"

So last week Z was away at miluim. He left early Sunday morning and we got really lucky because he was released a day early - so he came home Wesnesday afternoon instead of Thursday evening. It was a really stressful week for me to say the least. 
Buzz tried to behave and be as helpful as a three year old can be. He was decidedly adorable and amusing large portions of the time. And it was nice to have him to snuggle so that my big bed wasn't too lonely. I do wish he'd learn how to not hog the blankets.
On Thursday morning Z dragged me down to check on the progress of our project. We stood on our basement floor and got a feel for the size of the space. It really brought a concrete feeling of 'this is happening' into place for me. We discussed the heights of electrical outlets, window frame options, and other random considerations. We made it back just in time to pick Buzz up from gan. Then we snagged a haircut appointment for him (since he was looking extremely shaggy.) The poor kid is terrified of the electric trimmer and of the spray-bottle, so the barber did the best he could with scissors (and a wiggly head). The funniest part about the haircut was that afterwards Buzz insisted that we had to go directly to The FamBily House for his birthday party and a cake. (He may have made some (erroneous) associations on account of that first haircut he ever had...)
Friday went by very quickly. We enjoyed a delicious Shabbos lunch at The FamBily House - we were grateful to have walked early in the morning before the heat became unbearable. We ended up crashing out all day and gladly accepted (read: demanded) a ride home after havdalah. Buzz was falling asleep during havdalah which was really cute - but he was zonked.
This week there are a whole bunch of random things scheduled. Everyone is choosing their clothes for weddings and parties - but I own exactly 1 short black skirt that is only 2 sizes too big on me so I guess I'll make that work with some top. (Getting dressed gets complicated when you unintentionally lose 50lbs and have no clue what your crazy body is planning to do next so you don't want to waste money on a new wardrobe but then you have nothing that actually fits - besides for what you borrow (read: steal) from your younger sisters' closets...) Talk about your First World Problems.

Phil's birthday present finally arrived and I am SO excited to give it to her! But first I've got to pick up Freddie's gift, since her special day is next up in our summer birthday line-up extravaganza. I love any reason to make parties for people. Ok, I really just like making cake. Who am I kidding, I just want to eat the cake. Mmmm, cake.

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