Thursday, July 30, 2015

Yessir Threebagsfull

The week started off really well - Monday and Tuesday were good and fun. Unfortunately on Tuesday evening I started feeling very much under the weather.

Wednesday had me running fever and dehydrating. Z stayed home from work to take care of me. Taking care of me ended up including a trip in my pajamas to the local health clinic for two liters of IV fluids. The big comfy recliner was free for me and thankfully I felt moderately better once I was (re)hydrated. It was a step in the right direction but today was no picnic. Thankfully my fever broke early this afternoon, but I'm still feeling quite icky.

Best part of the whole IV thing was when Z brought Buzz back to pick me up and the nurse was just removing the IV and she said to Buzz, 'Your Mommy is so brave!' And Buzz's response was, 'Does she get a sticker now?'
Tomorrow's goal is to just keep hydrated. We are going to stay at The FamBily House for shabbos so that I can have a no-stress weekend. It is The FamBily's last Shabbos before they fly so it will be nice to get in lots of quality time to past us for a couple of weeks.
In exciting news - this week the contractor made all of the preparations for and eventually poured the concrete of the ground floor of our house!!! It is SUPER exciting!!! (We didn't go out there to see it yet, but Z will go sometime next week to get better pics. Our mifakeach took this one and sent it over to show us the progress.)

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