Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Colors Colors Everywhere

We are plodding along...
We haven't gotten out much since Sunday at The FamBily House. It's been hot and I've been lazy.
Yesterday evening we did do a quick run to The FamBily House just to check on all the furballs and the state of things. I even remembered to check the mail.
Today Buzz and I baked muffins. We've also been painting with watercolors. 
I find myself washing a lot of dishes, but the house just never gets straightened up.
At least tonight I actually made dinner. We had been subsisting on Shabbat leftovers and some chicken soup from the freezer. Z shaped the pies, that's why there's no crust. Apparently he is not a crust-person.
Tomorrow. Thursday? Again? How?! Oy. Time to start thinking about Shabbaos already.

We need more potatoes. I guess we'll have to go out tomorrow.

1 week and 1 day until The FamBily returns.

I'm counting down.


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