Monday, August 31, 2015


Friday was a busy day. Z picked up Papa and after a trip out to the building site they all came home. Shabbos was a whole lot of delicious fun! We had a great time with Papa. Buzz was doubly happy because we also took him out to the park on Shabbos afternoon.
Sunday was also jam-packed with adventures. The three guys went out to a park to hike and see some scenery, then they spent a couple of hours running around The Sun House picking up last minute things. We ran out to gan orientation for a little over an hour. Then back at home we said our goodbyes to Papa and Z went on an airport run.
This morning Buzz was quite dejected. I think between our visit to his new gan and the fact that we keep gently reminding him that school is starting again has finally sunk in. He's determined to stay home with me forever - but I let him down as gently as I could. 

I became determined to do some sort of productive activity. It seemed like a brilliant plan to bake some rolls for lunches at gan. Buzz became quite excited by the prospect of baking - even if it meant that he'd have to go to gan.
It was a long last day of total vacation. Tomorrow morning gan begins. It's a short day - only 2 hours - but it's a start. I'm starting to get excited, but I do have slightly mixed feelings. I'm sure he'll have a great time - the teachers seem really nice as do the other kids.

And of course, he'll have the cutest lunch in the class!

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