Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Give that Mouse a Cookie!

Here are Tuesday and Wednesday pictures. We went to Shufersol and we went to Osher Ad. We bought groceries for Shabbos and we tried to stock up the basics at The FamBily House in anticipation of their return tomorrow evening.
Buzz and I baked FF carrot kugel, and FF potato knishes. We also baked a batch of very tasty FF chocolate chip muffins with a new brand of Almond milk that's actually relatively affordable. Come to think of it maybe I'll bake a batch for The Fambily for tomorrow night.
We washed a whole lot of dishes today. Both sinks were clear. Then of course we made dinner and ate... So now there are more dishes to do in the morning. It happens. But it sure was fun while it lasted.
This morning Buzz was going a little stir-crazy in the house. I offered to take him out on a walk to the grocery store and for a slice of pizza. The funny kid was very excited, but he insisted that he take his bimba (riding toy) out for a spin. The heat hit us as we left the building. We made it to the park, we made it up the snake path to the top of the park, Buzz insisted on swinging on the swings. (I was worried that the seat would be too hot but surprisingly it wasn't - which made the kid very happy.) 35 minutes at the park, and Buzz adamantly opted to return home. Not even the allure of pizza could convince him to go out again. He insisted, 'when Abba gets home we will go out with the car.' He's a smart kid.
Tomorrow is 'clean The FamBily House' and 'Cook The FamBily Dinner' and 'prep aaaallll the Shabbat food' day. I can already tell that it's going to be exhausting. At least I'll be in air conditioning with no reason to go outside! We are REALLY excited for The FamBily to come Home!

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