Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Party Dance Machine Dibble!

The FamBily came Home. It was VERY exciting. We got lots of presents and ate a yummy dinner and ran around like crazy people. Then for Shabbos we went and slept at The FamBily House - just to be close(r) to them. Buzz was SO happy to sleep there - I can hardly wait til he wants to sleep there without us! Hehe, sneaky, right? Shabbos was nice. The food was delicious. A&A joined us for both of the meals. Then we lazed about all afternoon.
Sunday was quiet and relatively boring after all the excitement of the weekend. Back to the grind, nothing much else to report.

Yesterday I woke up at 3:15am feeling quite under the weather. As my temperature hit the 100F mark I resigned myself to staying home alone rather than attending a Cousin's wedding. Buzz drove me crazy all day long - he insists on only watching Blue's Clues and it needs to be on ALL day long. I didn't really feel well enough to argue or to entertain him in any other fashion.
Thus morning kicked off a little late (since the boys only got home at a little before 11). Fever almost gone (just another degree and a half to kick back to my own version of 'normal'). I made some fries for breakfast and forced myself to mix up a batch of muffins to replenish the depleted freezer stash. Not sure how much more will get accomplished today - probably not too much at all. But at least keeping the kid alive is considered an accomplishment.

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