Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sigalit Indeed!

Friday kicked off with a trip to BIG where we looked at paint colors and prices, bought some colorful circle stickers for Buzz, and stocked up on most of the pertinent pans required for my high-holiday baking.

Back at home I pulled food out of the freezer, cooked up a pot of yellow rice pilaf, and roasted a couple of turkey wings for Z. Friday night was nice and quiet. Buzz conked out on the early side, which was very nice.

Shabbos day dragged on as summer Saturdays are wont to do. We filled up the hours with a lot of reading, a whole bunch of board games, and a very enjoyable visit with S&S.
This morning we went out to run errands. Our first stop was at the 'gan registration' office. We were informed that all of the ganim are very full - but - that there was one free slot available at a gan in Sheinfeld! We said, 'yes please!' and quickly had Buzz switched over to that gan. It's a pretty good location, and means that we might be seeing S&S a whole lot more and The FamBily a whole lot less during the week. I would complain that there are no busses to get me there - but let's be honest - I didn't realize that I could take a bus this year until somewhere in the middle of June. It'll be just fine. And at least I have my Tula to make the going easier on rainy-stormy days.
Back at home, Buzz and I commenced our summer vacation routine. We painted, we colored, played with water on the mirpeset and in the bathtub, and of course we baked some yummy stuff. Today's treat was inspired by a recipe that I noticed on S&S's fridge yesterday. A glance at the ingredients told me that it was familiar, and when I noticed Freddie's name at the top corner of the page everything just clicked. Anyway, a few months ago I bought some glucose syrup to use in place of honey and had yet to make an attempt. Today we jumped right in and baked up a batch of amazingly delicious granola bars! Buzz got to choose the mix-ins. He went a little overboard but his excitement was so great that I couldn't say no - two different size chocolate chips, finely chopped walnuts, craisins, and rainbow sprinkles. (Have I mentioned how much it amuses me that he wants rainbow sprinkles in EVERYTHING?! I have no idea where he could possibly have learned that funfetti everything is perfectly acceptable... Hehe, whoops.)
We got 36 bars out of the batch, but closer to 20 made it into the freezer. I'm not gonna lie - they're quite delicious.

Tomorrow is another day. And I'm already wondering what fun things we will find to fill the time. I'm thinking carrot muffins or loaves - just to get a jumpstart on Shabbos. What can I say, I like to be prepared.

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