Sunday, August 09, 2015

Why Ezneee...

Last week was pretty busy. We sent The FamBily off to America for the big family reunion wedding summer bash palooza. Then we commenced house and cat sitting. The heatwave didn't make things easy but we made it work. Somehow. Friday was Buzz's last day of Gan Ilana. It was very bittersweet. The bitter part being that now he has a three week vacation, at home with me, until 'Gan 3' starts on September 1st.
The Freddies came to The Sun House for the weekend. We split the cooking, and the kiddos had a blast, I think the grown ups enjoyed it as well. We were joined by Abe and Papa - so there was a string Nemoy contingent present as well. Basically our very own family palooza. I'm not gonna lie - that batch of brownies was probably the best batch of brownies that I've baked in a year - the ganache was divine and the ratio of chewy brownie to heavenly ganache was perfect. Suffice it to say we devoured the entire batch - along with two whole batches of cookies
The Freddies brought Buzz a gift - the tiny sofa pictured. He LOVES it. He slept on it two nights in a row and today he's made sure that all of the activities he chose to do were able to be done from the comfort of his little couch. It's pretty funny.
The good news is that Monday is almost over - which means slightly less than 10 days until The FamBily returns and slightly less than three weeks until gan starts. The bad news is that at that point I'll be in full blown panic/anxiety mode about getting ready for the chagim. I'm sad that we will be stuck in this apartment for another set of holidays - I had really hoped to be in our house - but hopefully by Pesach we will be.

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