Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Pinteats and Spacebars

Another great day of Chol Hamoed down. We slept in a little this morning. Wakeup only took place at 7:20ish, which meant a late start for everybody.
FF chocolate chip muffins for breakfast, followed by second breakfast of fries and eggs at 10ish. Shnitzel and cucumbers for lunch. Lots of dishwashing - so much dishwashing that both sinks got emptied! Showers for the stinky among us. Then we glanced out the window and realized that the day was escaping us. The blue skies are back (so is the heat, but you've gotta make the best of the situation) so we ventured forth.
Buzz was so excited that I let him take his super-fast green bimba to the park. He rode up the path and down the path. We stopped to play at each of the sections in the park. We even went and hung out at the 'hidden' park between the buildings.
Z called to ask where we were. Then we went to meet him in the parking lot.
Inside it was hand washing time, followed by dinner-time. Buzz requested a pancake. I figured he deserved the works, so we added some ice cream and sprinkles and chocolate syrup. It's a holiday after all. And the pancakes are minimal sugar and made with 100% barley flour. I not even rationalizing it. Pancakes for dinner never hurt anyone.
Now Z is reading Buzz a bedtime story. I'm hoping that the no nap + park outing combo tuckered him out enough to knock him out earlier rather than later.

Not sure what we've got to do tomorrow but we shall figure something out. Maybe a trip out to visit somebody else's sukkah. I know that The littlest Freddies will be at The FamBily House tomorrow being babysat - but hopefully not sat on. I guess we will see how I'm feeling (and what the weather is like).
Today Buzz learned to use the spacebar on the keyboard to pause/play whatever show he is watching. Never again will he miss finding one of Blue's Clues before Steve or Joe. What a funny munchkin.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Oh lard, no lard, eat the lard!

Moadim Lesimcha everybody!

We kicked off the morning bright and early with a 4 then 5 then 6 then 6:30 wake up.

Eventually I gave up and decided to make some breakfast. Oven-browned potatoes with eggs sounded delicious. Buzz agreed, but he only wanted the eggs. 
For lunch Buzz decided that he would give me the opportunity to amend my heinous breakfast decision, by making him some French fry shaped potatoes. I did it because he was so cute when he asked. He explained that the potatoes need to be cut as straight lines and not in haphazard chunk forms.
Buzz napped today, and we played A LOT. A shufersol order arrived at just before 2pm, and Buzz was ecstatic. I let him rip the tape off the boxes, then he put away most of the groceries in the right places. It was both surprising and amazing! That kid has a real mind and eye for detail. It was impressive.
Finally 5:30 rolled around and Z came home from work. He even picked Phil up from The FamBily House on the way. Seeing as it was Tuesday, Tacos for dinner seemed to be mightily appropriate. Z sure wasn't complaining. Phil did all the work making dinner, and I lazed about watching. Mmmmmm, burritos!
After dinner it was time to try to get Buzz into bed. We've been on a really good schedule lately, but today he napped for a little over an hour. (I woke him because otherwise I knew he'd never go to sleep tonight - but he woke up still tired.) Alas, 8:09pm and he shows no signs of turning in for the night. Z has him corralled in his bed and I'm waiting (im)patiently on his couch (while Phil entertains herself in the living room) - but this could take hours. Literally.
No big plans for tomorrow yet. Unfortunately I'm having some med-adjustment issues while trying to wean myself off of the pill that I've been taking for the last two months - so my insides are unhappy with me. Thankfully I have an appointment with the Gastro dr next week to discuss my progress and choose the next step of treatment.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be feeling up to taking Buzz out to the local park for a bit. The kid desperately needs some fresh air and sunshine. On the bright side, Thursday and Friday and Shabbos he'll get to socialize and be outside - so two days cooped up with me isn't so very terrible in the scheme of things.

Then again, I'd also like to get out. Here's to hoping for a happier gut-day tomorrow! And cooler weather - that would probably help too!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Tabernacles and Huts Again!

Well, as expected, last Friday was pretty busy. Z and I ended up doing errands in RBS in the morning. Then Shabbos prep took up the rest of the day. Shabbos was quite relaxing and very quiet. Chicken soup, zaatar chicken, and rice made a delicious simple dinner. Then a light dairy brunch at The FamBily House was delightful. We spent the whole day building funny structures out of straws. Then after havdala we got a lift home.
Erev Sukkot was interesting. Z worked all day. That meant that Buzz and I were home alone all day. We baked carrot cakes and muffins. Then we did some laundry and cleaned some stuff. Buzz actually swept the floor, and did a pretty good job.
Buzz waited (im)patiently for Abe to arrive. All of shabbos he had begged to be allowed to eat in the sukkah, but we told him that it wouldn't be Sukkot until Abe arrived at our house. So when his uncle finally made it to our house, Buzz got VERY excited. It was super cute. The cutest part was that as Abe and Z looked over their 4-minim, Buzz asked whether he would get a lulav and etrog of his very own. He was ecstatic when Z presented him with his very own plush set of minim! 

This morning Buzz waved his fluffy set and also got a chance to wave a real set of 4-minim too. 
This morning we made our way to The FamBily House. We spent all day hanging out in their sukkah. It was great as always! But it got me even more excited about having a big comfy sukkah in our new house next year!
Adorkably - if you ask Buzz where we are going in 6 months, he will reply excitedly with, "to the new house!!!"

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Fir Enze!

Yom Kippur was nothing worth rehashing. Practically the worst day of the year. Thankfully it's over now and we are on to Sukkot.

Between the holiday schedule and Z's work schedule there was no good day for Z to put our sukkah together or for my brothers to come and help. So I took matters into my own hands.
I washed the porch and the plastic chairs. Then I made four trips down to the machsan and shelepped up all of the components sukkah. I debated stopping there and letting Z do the work tomorrow but realized that would mean cutting things very close with Shabbos. So I decided to do as much as I could. And whaddaya know? I was able to do just about all of it! I got the frame assembled, the string 'wall' threaded, and the cloth walls on! I wasn't crazy enough to try to get the schach on by myself - after all - Z needs me to help him with that every year...
I feel mighty proud of my accomplishment. I mean, my arms feel kinda like jelly and I'm exhausted - but hey, cut me some slack, I've got adrenal fatigue and I'm just shy of underweight and malnourished. (
Ironic since I'm sitting here typing this while eating chocolate covered peanuts, potato chips, and sipping on a bottle of Gatorade.) Hehe. Kidding, well, sorta. 

I mean, I am those things but I am also SO freaking strong and amazing! It's sad that sometimes I let my mind play tricks on me and forget that I can accomplish so much more than I believe.
Anyway - tomorrow is going to be craaaazy busy. Thankfully there isn't much cooking to do. I think I can get away with just cooking up a fresh batch of rice pilaf. I am so glad that I premade lots of food and stocked the freezers so efficiently!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Joyriding Around Town...

Yesterday I was fairly unproductive. I mean, I did two loads of laundry and washed a whole bunch of and dishes. I also made the trek to pick up Buzz, and our walk home was highly entertaining because he was in a funny sort of mood. At home I bathed him and then it was dinner followed by bedtime for Buzz. He conked out by 8:04 which was awesome. Then Z and I watched a movie - well, I watched half of a movie, since I fell asleep somewhere just past the middle...
This morning I figured I should get the kreplach made before it got too late. I tried a new pasta recipe and for the first time ever I filled the noodles with raw meat (instead of browning it first). It worked out very nicely. I opened to make three-cornered shapes this year, just to try something new. They're also much smaller than last year, which I think is better, since they don't take up the whole bowl.

After cleaning up my floury mess, I washed up most of the dishes in the meat sink. (Yes Z, I'm looking at you. They're waiting for you...) Then it was already time to get ready to to pick up the Buzz.
I packed up kreplach for S&S and The FamBily, then I headed out. My first stop was kreplach drop off at S&S's house. Then I picked up Buzz, who had a great day at gan! The Crazy Lady and The Mad Man had a list for the local grocery store so they picked us up at gan and then we went on a shopping excursion. Buzz was very pleased with his pastry and bottle of water - an after-gan gift from his Savta and Sababi.

Then we went over to The FamBily House. Fuzzle got a bath this morning so he smells delightful and is oh so fluffy. Buzz was excited to eat his treats and watch some Blues Clues on the jumbo screen. We're hanging out here for dinner. (I'm extracting payment for kreplach in the form of delicious food.)
Tomorrow is erev Yom Kippur. We are all hydrating and getting ready. I'm looking forward to getting past the fast so we can get to sukkot! 

Friday, September 18, 2015

New Year, New House, New Possibilities!

Awesome morning this morning!

Z and I took a ride out to visit our building site! Not only did I overcome anxiety with regard to the semi-spontaneous drive, but we also went to visit the contractor's house (being built on the other side of the yishuv) and I was in GREAT spirits! What a rush! 
I guess I'll just turn the rest of this post into a guided tour for anybody who is insterested...

Here I am enthusiastically gesturing at our front courtyard. 
And here I am on our back porch staring longingly at the kitchen wall and envisioning the million and one delicious meals that will be prepared there.
Selfie time - because if you don't take pictures and show them to people then nobody believes that you went anywhere.
Standing in the sunroom! I can't wait to just laze around on the comfy futon in there, reading books on long lazy shabbos afternoons!
There's a view of the kitchen and dining room from the far inner corner of the living room.
And there's me, in the far inner corner of the living room! Teehee, mutual picture taking. It's a great activity! I highly recommend it.
And here's another shot of the whole shebang. The crew is working their tails off to try to get the second floor poured as soon as possible. Hopefully at the very beginning of next week! It's craaaazy exciting stuff!
Now I've got to run and finish prepping for shabbos! 

Oh my goodness only another two short hours until we have another 25 hour break from tech.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Manny Money Muni!

What a day! We had a 'late' wake-up, by which I mean that Buzz sauntered into our room at a little after 7am. Z got off to a slow start so I took the initiative and got the kid dressed then prepped his lunch and packed up his bag. Somehow they managed to leave ridiculously early - I'm still not sure how, but they walked out the door just before 7:30. Apparently, if I help out in the morning then things go much more quickly. Who knew? Haha, oh right, I guess it just figures...
I used my time fairly wisely today. Besides for continued productivity in the form of organizing the living room and dining room table, I also washed up all of the dairy and Pareve dishes then cleaned out the sink. I organized the recycling and picked up all the random trash from the floor too. Who the heck uses so many tissues then tosses them near the garbage can? Oh right, me. Whoops. Maybe I need a can with a wider opening...Or you know, just to work on my aim.

I made a delicious breakfast of potatoes and eggs this morning. Lunch was also fairly tasty - I love having leftovers in the fridge! While I was eating I also mocked-up a logo and updated my iPad's operating system to iOS9. Still debating the wisdom of that decision - since my pad is over 3 years old at this point - it's going to stop updating soon - but until then the updates just slow it down and essentially turn it into a brick. It's so sad when gadgets can't keep up with the times.
Before I knew it I had to head out to pick up Buzzmonster. I finally remembered to take the gifts for the ganenot today. We brought them on Friday only to find out that two of the teachers weren't in. Buzz was so cute when he handed them over, he explained something along the lines of 'this is the apple and honey that we ate on Rosh Hashana, but you didn't eat it yet because I'm only giving it to you now.'

Our walk home was uneventful but enjoyable. When we got home Buzz had a quick snack then I threw him into a desperately needed bath. When all was said and done I had accomplished a whole lot of things between 3:30-4:30.
Finally Z got home. He was surprised to find the kid bathed and the house as neat as it was. Then he totally surprised me by rolling up his sleeves and washing the meat dishes with absolutely no provocation. I was pleasantly surprised to say the very least. When the sink was clear we packed up and made our way to the mall for a one-day-late birthday dinner!

Buzz was thrilled to be out to eat with S&S, and his Savta & Sababi, and at least one aunt and one uncle. He was also REALLY happy to get to run around the mall. We don't go there too often anymore now that he's in gan and Z works - so it was a very special treat.
I can hardly believe that tomorrow is Friday again. The good news is that I have the perfect leftovers in the fridge for shabbos dinner and we're going over to The FamBily House for lunch - so there's very little work to actually do in the way of food prep. The kitchen is basically clean, so is the rest of the house. So I just need to do a load of laundry and wash the floor. That doesn't sound too overwhelming at all. As a matter of fact, maybe we will take a ride out to visit our house! Just for fun!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Happy Birthday Bubby!!!

I suppose a recap is in order...

Shabbos with Abe was lots of fun. Dinner was delicious - roasted garlic, freshly made chicken soup, whole roasted chicken on a bed of root veggies, white rice pilaf, and garlicky greenbeans. Abe ate out for lunch so we had a 'Spanish omelette' with bagels and spreads for the non-fructards.

Shabbos afternoon we walked over to The FamBily House. Then we hung out there until after havdala.
Sunday morning was kind of crazy. Z actually worked a full day on erev chag. He was out of the house by 7:15am. That left Buzz and yours truly to get all of the cooking, cleaning, organizing, and prepping for a two day chag. Needless to say, by the time candle lighting rolled around I was exhausted.
We enjoyed an extremely relaxed Rosh Hashana. Dinners were very simple. We stuck with repurposing our chicken soup from Shabbos and some meatballs too. Breakfasts were all out delectable - eggs, potatoes, and pancakes with spreads - all made fresh - I really love that electric stovetop that I stole from The Crazy Lady.
On the second day of chag we made our way across town to dine with The FamBily. A 2pm BBQ was totally worth it. Holiday decadence indeed. Then we read and played two games of Settlers. The day actually went by fairly quickly. 
This morning Z had a meeting in Jeru early so he hopped on a bus and left me with a Buzz and the car. I got to take Buzz to gan. On the way there I was forced to admit that the car REALLY needed a wash. Lucky for me The Fambily's van was out of its parking spot - so I swooped in, kidnapped Phil and The Crazy Lady, and we quickly washed the car. All just in time for Z to saunter up from his bus ride back to The Sun House.
Z was kind enough to drop me off at home on his way to work. Then I prepped some birthday cupcakes, cleaned a bit, and pretended to be generally productive.

The hours kind if flew by and before I knew it I was walking up the hill to gan for pickup.
Buzz was uber-excited to visit S&S! He got to deliver birthday wishes and a plate of cupcakes!

The Crazy Lady had conveniently colluded with us in order to stall S&S from heading out on their shopping expedition at our scheduled (surprise) arrival time. Everything worked out perfectly for us though. We got to hang out and sing happy birthday. Then Buzz managed to wheedle permission to borrow another super cool toy from the toy-closet! The lucky kid.
We had a quick walk home. Then all Buzz wanted to do was build castles. It was adorkable. He'd build a structure then stuff in a bunch of small friends. (Those towers are all densely populated.)

Dinner after a long fast day was some fresh(ly repurposed chicken) pot pie. Creamy and filling. Makes me think of winter - which personally can't come soon enough. I mean I don't really want rain in my sukkah, but like I've been saying, I am really done with the hot weather.
Tomorrow is Thursday and that means thinking about Shabbos again. Good thing there's lots of stuff in the freezer!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Hoomoos wih Oleeeves

My goodness - the most appropriate word for the weather has been the one that the weather app on my phone has been using and that is 'dreary'. Funnily enough though, it doesn't feel dreary. Dreary to me sounds like it's wet and grey and gloomy outside. What we've got going on here is a whole 'nother level of, well, 'gross'. A 10 minute walk leaves you feeling like there's grit in your teeth, sandpaper I'm your throat, and like you took a nail-file to your eyeballs. In short, extremely unpleasant. 

In brighter news - today was fairly productive and cheery - weather notwithstanding.

We kicked off the morning with a trip to the bank and then to the grocery store to find some breakfast for Z. At the store I found little squeeze-bottles of honey which I decided would be perfect as little 'Happy New Year' gifts for Buzz's new teachers. I already had the cellophane baggies, twine, leftover apples from making pie-filling, and a brown paper bag (that I had been hoarding from Holy Bagel for just such an occasion.) I think the packages came out adorably and I can't wait for Buzz to hand them out at dismissal tomorrow before we go on break for the (first of a few) loooong holiday weekend(s).

Truth be told I was fairly lazy today. I mean, I finally used up the last of the puff pastry dough and almost the last of the apple pie filling in a delicious looking apple-pastry-braid. I also did a load of laundry (which took twice as long as expected since I turned it on and walked away for the expected length of time that the load would need - only to return to a machine flashing the error message indicating that the door hadn't been closed properly and therefore the cycle had never run. Hehe, oops? No biggie, I closed the door and started the process from the beginning.

I did set up the guest room for our shabbos guest. Buzz was thrilled when I told him that Abe would be joining us for the weekend! It was pretty cute - he immediately started planning what kinds of cookies he would bake for his uncle.

I was feeling relatively uninspired as far as making dinner goes. Then I remembered that I had browned meat in order to make kreplach but that aid never gotten around to making them. (I guess I'll be doing that next Wednesday to help the fast go faster...) I decided that I'd be better off utilizing the meat for some sort of dinner. Then I remembered that I also had caramelized onions left from making onion oil earlier this week. So I hatched a plan that I hoped would meet with spousal approval.

When Z walked in I quickly tossed pitot into the oven to heat up. Then I heated up the meat with a mixture of spices (paprika, salt, pepper, cumin, cinnamon, cardamom, cayenne pepper, dash of nutmeg...) and finally added in the onions to let them heat through. An Israeli salad finished off the meal. Z seemed pretty happy with it - not sure if he was starving or if it was tasty - but It sure smelled good.
Buzz is wearing his funny snake pajamas - I'll have to get a picture of them for you at some point. Thankfully I think he finally fell asleep - though I'm fairly certain that Z conked out with him.

I guess I'll go find some way to entertain myself for a couple of hours until I fall asleep too.

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Yummy wrapped in a Half Smile

I popped out of bed at 6:30 this morning. My first activity was assembling lunch for Buzz. He opted for a pita stuffed with scrambled egg - I obliged. Then of course Z showed up complaining that the freezer stash of muffins had run out. 

"What about me? What should I take for breakfast?" He whined. 

So crack, beat, fry... Another batch of scrambled eggs - this time with some caramelized onions - then stuffed into a pita. I guess I should ask him how it was. Smelled pretty good, that's for sure.

I was really hungry by this point and there wasn't time to make sometng fresh so I raided my pancake stash in the freezer. I'm rationing that maple syrup and refuse to share with anybody. I love maple syrup so much.

Next order of business was doing something productive relating to holiday prep. Since I defrosted my puff pastry three days ago I figured that the time had come to turn it into apple turnovers before it spoiled. 22 turnovers later, I was out of dough. There was plenty of apple pie filling gloop leftover though, so I added some more apples, and cooked it up again. The apples released juices, I cooked it until it thickened. It's a process. Finally the filling was complete. Enough for a pie or two apple braids. Perfect. I popped it into the fridge.

Next up, I lost a battle with my computer. I wanted to work on laying out a recipe to print for Buzz's teachers. The computer, apparently, did not. Unfortunately the computer won the round, and the project had to wait until Z got home and could take care of the project on his laptop. At least it got done. Eventually.

The computer may have one-upped me, but I was master of the kitchen. Empty sinks, clean dishes, clear (enough) counters... All good for tomorrow's upcoming efforts.

Due to the sandstorm, Z was kind enough to leave work a little early in order to pick Buzz up from gan. Today was the first day of 'tzaharon' so pickup was at 4pm. Saved me from having to venture out into the dust. We went out to Osher Ad to do some quick last minute pre-shabbos and pre-chag shopping. 

We dropped the groceries off at home then made our way over to The FamBily House for some Burrito Wednesday dinner. Phil cooked and it was both delicious and delightful. Buzz ate his first mini-burrito which was pretty cute.

After helping to clear the table we ran across town to get Buzz into bed somewhat on time. It's 7:50pm now and I'm (questionably, overly) optimistic that he will be asleep by 8...

Hopefully the dust is blowing out of here because my lungs can't take too much more of this. Everything feels gritty even though the windows have been closed since before the storm blew in. Blech. I am SO ready for winter.

Tuesday, September 08, 2015


Look at me! Two posts in one day...
Behold my productive procrastination. I've got this down to a science.

First the cookies that we really didn't need. (Made under the guise of using up the chocolate covered craisins that I couldn't stop eating by the handful...)
Gan pickup was highly successful. Neither of us suffered asthma attacks. We did drink A LOT of water when we got home in an attempt to clear the sand from our throats. Buzz even wanted to wash his face. My eyes are still gritty. Blech.
Back at home the air-conditioning was working overtime. We thoroughly enjoyed it and basked in the coolness.
I wasted all afternoon. Then Z informed me that his awesome coworker offered to translate my recipe for me in exchange for a batch of rolls. That was a deal that I was more than willing to make.
Once the dough bowl was dirty, I figured it couldn't hurt to reuse it. So I mixed up a batch of pizza dough. A full recipe of the 30-minute-dough made a pizza pie for dinner, a pizza pie for the freezer, and half a dozen hand-sized meat-pies for Z to eat whenever he wants.
Tomorrow hopefully I'll be productive and actually accomplish the things that are on my to-do list (rather than things that seem like fun...)

Good news though - tomorrow 'tzaharon' begins so Buzz will be in gan until 4pm. Long days are good for me! I hope he has fun! He really seems to be warming up to the new ganenot, so I'm hopeful and optimistic.