Thursday, September 24, 2015

Fir Enze!

Yom Kippur was nothing worth rehashing. Practically the worst day of the year. Thankfully it's over now and we are on to Sukkot.

Between the holiday schedule and Z's work schedule there was no good day for Z to put our sukkah together or for my brothers to come and help. So I took matters into my own hands.
I washed the porch and the plastic chairs. Then I made four trips down to the machsan and shelepped up all of the components sukkah. I debated stopping there and letting Z do the work tomorrow but realized that would mean cutting things very close with Shabbos. So I decided to do as much as I could. And whaddaya know? I was able to do just about all of it! I got the frame assembled, the string 'wall' threaded, and the cloth walls on! I wasn't crazy enough to try to get the schach on by myself - after all - Z needs me to help him with that every year...
I feel mighty proud of my accomplishment. I mean, my arms feel kinda like jelly and I'm exhausted - but hey, cut me some slack, I've got adrenal fatigue and I'm just shy of underweight and malnourished. (
Ironic since I'm sitting here typing this while eating chocolate covered peanuts, potato chips, and sipping on a bottle of Gatorade.) Hehe. Kidding, well, sorta. 

I mean, I am those things but I am also SO freaking strong and amazing! It's sad that sometimes I let my mind play tricks on me and forget that I can accomplish so much more than I believe.
Anyway - tomorrow is going to be craaaazy busy. Thankfully there isn't much cooking to do. I think I can get away with just cooking up a fresh batch of rice pilaf. I am so glad that I premade lots of food and stocked the freezers so efficiently!

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