Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Happy Birthday Bubby!!!

I suppose a recap is in order...

Shabbos with Abe was lots of fun. Dinner was delicious - roasted garlic, freshly made chicken soup, whole roasted chicken on a bed of root veggies, white rice pilaf, and garlicky greenbeans. Abe ate out for lunch so we had a 'Spanish omelette' with bagels and spreads for the non-fructards.

Shabbos afternoon we walked over to The FamBily House. Then we hung out there until after havdala.
Sunday morning was kind of crazy. Z actually worked a full day on erev chag. He was out of the house by 7:15am. That left Buzz and yours truly to get all of the cooking, cleaning, organizing, and prepping for a two day chag. Needless to say, by the time candle lighting rolled around I was exhausted.
We enjoyed an extremely relaxed Rosh Hashana. Dinners were very simple. We stuck with repurposing our chicken soup from Shabbos and some meatballs too. Breakfasts were all out delectable - eggs, potatoes, and pancakes with spreads - all made fresh - I really love that electric stovetop that I stole from The Crazy Lady.
On the second day of chag we made our way across town to dine with The FamBily. A 2pm BBQ was totally worth it. Holiday decadence indeed. Then we read and played two games of Settlers. The day actually went by fairly quickly. 
This morning Z had a meeting in Jeru early so he hopped on a bus and left me with a Buzz and the car. I got to take Buzz to gan. On the way there I was forced to admit that the car REALLY needed a wash. Lucky for me The Fambily's van was out of its parking spot - so I swooped in, kidnapped Phil and The Crazy Lady, and we quickly washed the car. All just in time for Z to saunter up from his bus ride back to The Sun House.
Z was kind enough to drop me off at home on his way to work. Then I prepped some birthday cupcakes, cleaned a bit, and pretended to be generally productive.

The hours kind if flew by and before I knew it I was walking up the hill to gan for pickup.
Buzz was uber-excited to visit S&S! He got to deliver birthday wishes and a plate of cupcakes!

The Crazy Lady had conveniently colluded with us in order to stall S&S from heading out on their shopping expedition at our scheduled (surprise) arrival time. Everything worked out perfectly for us though. We got to hang out and sing happy birthday. Then Buzz managed to wheedle permission to borrow another super cool toy from the toy-closet! The lucky kid.
We had a quick walk home. Then all Buzz wanted to do was build castles. It was adorkable. He'd build a structure then stuff in a bunch of small friends. (Those towers are all densely populated.)

Dinner after a long fast day was some fresh(ly repurposed chicken) pot pie. Creamy and filling. Makes me think of winter - which personally can't come soon enough. I mean I don't really want rain in my sukkah, but like I've been saying, I am really done with the hot weather.
Tomorrow is Thursday and that means thinking about Shabbos again. Good thing there's lots of stuff in the freezer!

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