Thursday, September 10, 2015

Hoomoos wih Oleeeves

My goodness - the most appropriate word for the weather has been the one that the weather app on my phone has been using and that is 'dreary'. Funnily enough though, it doesn't feel dreary. Dreary to me sounds like it's wet and grey and gloomy outside. What we've got going on here is a whole 'nother level of, well, 'gross'. A 10 minute walk leaves you feeling like there's grit in your teeth, sandpaper I'm your throat, and like you took a nail-file to your eyeballs. In short, extremely unpleasant. 

In brighter news - today was fairly productive and cheery - weather notwithstanding.

We kicked off the morning with a trip to the bank and then to the grocery store to find some breakfast for Z. At the store I found little squeeze-bottles of honey which I decided would be perfect as little 'Happy New Year' gifts for Buzz's new teachers. I already had the cellophane baggies, twine, leftover apples from making pie-filling, and a brown paper bag (that I had been hoarding from Holy Bagel for just such an occasion.) I think the packages came out adorably and I can't wait for Buzz to hand them out at dismissal tomorrow before we go on break for the (first of a few) loooong holiday weekend(s).

Truth be told I was fairly lazy today. I mean, I finally used up the last of the puff pastry dough and almost the last of the apple pie filling in a delicious looking apple-pastry-braid. I also did a load of laundry (which took twice as long as expected since I turned it on and walked away for the expected length of time that the load would need - only to return to a machine flashing the error message indicating that the door hadn't been closed properly and therefore the cycle had never run. Hehe, oops? No biggie, I closed the door and started the process from the beginning.

I did set up the guest room for our shabbos guest. Buzz was thrilled when I told him that Abe would be joining us for the weekend! It was pretty cute - he immediately started planning what kinds of cookies he would bake for his uncle.

I was feeling relatively uninspired as far as making dinner goes. Then I remembered that I had browned meat in order to make kreplach but that aid never gotten around to making them. (I guess I'll be doing that next Wednesday to help the fast go faster...) I decided that I'd be better off utilizing the meat for some sort of dinner. Then I remembered that I also had caramelized onions left from making onion oil earlier this week. So I hatched a plan that I hoped would meet with spousal approval.

When Z walked in I quickly tossed pitot into the oven to heat up. Then I heated up the meat with a mixture of spices (paprika, salt, pepper, cumin, cinnamon, cardamom, cayenne pepper, dash of nutmeg...) and finally added in the onions to let them heat through. An Israeli salad finished off the meal. Z seemed pretty happy with it - not sure if he was starving or if it was tasty - but It sure smelled good.
Buzz is wearing his funny snake pajamas - I'll have to get a picture of them for you at some point. Thankfully I think he finally fell asleep - though I'm fairly certain that Z conked out with him.

I guess I'll go find some way to entertain myself for a couple of hours until I fall asleep too.

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