Monday, September 21, 2015

Joyriding Around Town...

Yesterday I was fairly unproductive. I mean, I did two loads of laundry and washed a whole bunch of and dishes. I also made the trek to pick up Buzz, and our walk home was highly entertaining because he was in a funny sort of mood. At home I bathed him and then it was dinner followed by bedtime for Buzz. He conked out by 8:04 which was awesome. Then Z and I watched a movie - well, I watched half of a movie, since I fell asleep somewhere just past the middle...
This morning I figured I should get the kreplach made before it got too late. I tried a new pasta recipe and for the first time ever I filled the noodles with raw meat (instead of browning it first). It worked out very nicely. I opened to make three-cornered shapes this year, just to try something new. They're also much smaller than last year, which I think is better, since they don't take up the whole bowl.

After cleaning up my floury mess, I washed up most of the dishes in the meat sink. (Yes Z, I'm looking at you. They're waiting for you...) Then it was already time to get ready to to pick up the Buzz.
I packed up kreplach for S&S and The FamBily, then I headed out. My first stop was kreplach drop off at S&S's house. Then I picked up Buzz, who had a great day at gan! The Crazy Lady and The Mad Man had a list for the local grocery store so they picked us up at gan and then we went on a shopping excursion. Buzz was very pleased with his pastry and bottle of water - an after-gan gift from his Savta and Sababi.

Then we went over to The FamBily House. Fuzzle got a bath this morning so he smells delightful and is oh so fluffy. Buzz was excited to eat his treats and watch some Blues Clues on the jumbo screen. We're hanging out here for dinner. (I'm extracting payment for kreplach in the form of delicious food.)
Tomorrow is erev Yom Kippur. We are all hydrating and getting ready. I'm looking forward to getting past the fast so we can get to sukkot! 

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