Thursday, September 17, 2015

Manny Money Muni!

What a day! We had a 'late' wake-up, by which I mean that Buzz sauntered into our room at a little after 7am. Z got off to a slow start so I took the initiative and got the kid dressed then prepped his lunch and packed up his bag. Somehow they managed to leave ridiculously early - I'm still not sure how, but they walked out the door just before 7:30. Apparently, if I help out in the morning then things go much more quickly. Who knew? Haha, oh right, I guess it just figures...
I used my time fairly wisely today. Besides for continued productivity in the form of organizing the living room and dining room table, I also washed up all of the dairy and Pareve dishes then cleaned out the sink. I organized the recycling and picked up all the random trash from the floor too. Who the heck uses so many tissues then tosses them near the garbage can? Oh right, me. Whoops. Maybe I need a can with a wider opening...Or you know, just to work on my aim.

I made a delicious breakfast of potatoes and eggs this morning. Lunch was also fairly tasty - I love having leftovers in the fridge! While I was eating I also mocked-up a logo and updated my iPad's operating system to iOS9. Still debating the wisdom of that decision - since my pad is over 3 years old at this point - it's going to stop updating soon - but until then the updates just slow it down and essentially turn it into a brick. It's so sad when gadgets can't keep up with the times.
Before I knew it I had to head out to pick up Buzzmonster. I finally remembered to take the gifts for the ganenot today. We brought them on Friday only to find out that two of the teachers weren't in. Buzz was so cute when he handed them over, he explained something along the lines of 'this is the apple and honey that we ate on Rosh Hashana, but you didn't eat it yet because I'm only giving it to you now.'

Our walk home was uneventful but enjoyable. When we got home Buzz had a quick snack then I threw him into a desperately needed bath. When all was said and done I had accomplished a whole lot of things between 3:30-4:30.
Finally Z got home. He was surprised to find the kid bathed and the house as neat as it was. Then he totally surprised me by rolling up his sleeves and washing the meat dishes with absolutely no provocation. I was pleasantly surprised to say the very least. When the sink was clear we packed up and made our way to the mall for a one-day-late birthday dinner!

Buzz was thrilled to be out to eat with S&S, and his Savta & Sababi, and at least one aunt and one uncle. He was also REALLY happy to get to run around the mall. We don't go there too often anymore now that he's in gan and Z works - so it was a very special treat.
I can hardly believe that tomorrow is Friday again. The good news is that I have the perfect leftovers in the fridge for shabbos dinner and we're going over to The FamBily House for lunch - so there's very little work to actually do in the way of food prep. The kitchen is basically clean, so is the rest of the house. So I just need to do a load of laundry and wash the floor. That doesn't sound too overwhelming at all. As a matter of fact, maybe we will take a ride out to visit our house! Just for fun!

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