Friday, September 18, 2015

New Year, New House, New Possibilities!

Awesome morning this morning!

Z and I took a ride out to visit our building site! Not only did I overcome anxiety with regard to the semi-spontaneous drive, but we also went to visit the contractor's house (being built on the other side of the yishuv) and I was in GREAT spirits! What a rush! 
I guess I'll just turn the rest of this post into a guided tour for anybody who is insterested...

Here I am enthusiastically gesturing at our front courtyard. 
And here I am on our back porch staring longingly at the kitchen wall and envisioning the million and one delicious meals that will be prepared there.
Selfie time - because if you don't take pictures and show them to people then nobody believes that you went anywhere.
Standing in the sunroom! I can't wait to just laze around on the comfy futon in there, reading books on long lazy shabbos afternoons!
There's a view of the kitchen and dining room from the far inner corner of the living room.
And there's me, in the far inner corner of the living room! Teehee, mutual picture taking. It's a great activity! I highly recommend it.
And here's another shot of the whole shebang. The crew is working their tails off to try to get the second floor poured as soon as possible. Hopefully at the very beginning of next week! It's craaaazy exciting stuff!
Now I've got to run and finish prepping for shabbos! 

Oh my goodness only another two short hours until we have another 25 hour break from tech.

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