Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Oh lard, no lard, eat the lard!

Moadim Lesimcha everybody!

We kicked off the morning bright and early with a 4 then 5 then 6 then 6:30 wake up.

Eventually I gave up and decided to make some breakfast. Oven-browned potatoes with eggs sounded delicious. Buzz agreed, but he only wanted the eggs. 
For lunch Buzz decided that he would give me the opportunity to amend my heinous breakfast decision, by making him some French fry shaped potatoes. I did it because he was so cute when he asked. He explained that the potatoes need to be cut as straight lines and not in haphazard chunk forms.
Buzz napped today, and we played A LOT. A shufersol order arrived at just before 2pm, and Buzz was ecstatic. I let him rip the tape off the boxes, then he put away most of the groceries in the right places. It was both surprising and amazing! That kid has a real mind and eye for detail. It was impressive.
Finally 5:30 rolled around and Z came home from work. He even picked Phil up from The FamBily House on the way. Seeing as it was Tuesday, Tacos for dinner seemed to be mightily appropriate. Z sure wasn't complaining. Phil did all the work making dinner, and I lazed about watching. Mmmmmm, burritos!
After dinner it was time to try to get Buzz into bed. We've been on a really good schedule lately, but today he napped for a little over an hour. (I woke him because otherwise I knew he'd never go to sleep tonight - but he woke up still tired.) Alas, 8:09pm and he shows no signs of turning in for the night. Z has him corralled in his bed and I'm waiting (im)patiently on his couch (while Phil entertains herself in the living room) - but this could take hours. Literally.
No big plans for tomorrow yet. Unfortunately I'm having some med-adjustment issues while trying to wean myself off of the pill that I've been taking for the last two months - so my insides are unhappy with me. Thankfully I have an appointment with the Gastro dr next week to discuss my progress and choose the next step of treatment.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be feeling up to taking Buzz out to the local park for a bit. The kid desperately needs some fresh air and sunshine. On the bright side, Thursday and Friday and Shabbos he'll get to socialize and be outside - so two days cooped up with me isn't so very terrible in the scheme of things.

Then again, I'd also like to get out. Here's to hoping for a happier gut-day tomorrow! And cooler weather - that would probably help too!

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