Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Pinteats and Spacebars

Another great day of Chol Hamoed down. We slept in a little this morning. Wakeup only took place at 7:20ish, which meant a late start for everybody.
FF chocolate chip muffins for breakfast, followed by second breakfast of fries and eggs at 10ish. Shnitzel and cucumbers for lunch. Lots of dishwashing - so much dishwashing that both sinks got emptied! Showers for the stinky among us. Then we glanced out the window and realized that the day was escaping us. The blue skies are back (so is the heat, but you've gotta make the best of the situation) so we ventured forth.
Buzz was so excited that I let him take his super-fast green bimba to the park. He rode up the path and down the path. We stopped to play at each of the sections in the park. We even went and hung out at the 'hidden' park between the buildings.
Z called to ask where we were. Then we went to meet him in the parking lot.
Inside it was hand washing time, followed by dinner-time. Buzz requested a pancake. I figured he deserved the works, so we added some ice cream and sprinkles and chocolate syrup. It's a holiday after all. And the pancakes are minimal sugar and made with 100% barley flour. I not even rationalizing it. Pancakes for dinner never hurt anyone.
Now Z is reading Buzz a bedtime story. I'm hoping that the no nap + park outing combo tuckered him out enough to knock him out earlier rather than later.

Not sure what we've got to do tomorrow but we shall figure something out. Maybe a trip out to visit somebody else's sukkah. I know that The littlest Freddies will be at The FamBily House tomorrow being babysat - but hopefully not sat on. I guess we will see how I'm feeling (and what the weather is like).
Today Buzz learned to use the spacebar on the keyboard to pause/play whatever show he is watching. Never again will he miss finding one of Blue's Clues before Steve or Joe. What a funny munchkin.

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