Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Silly Muhntees!

Oh my goodness. Was it really the first day of gan?! They were there for two hours which meant only about 1.5 hours to get myself organized and dressed to get to pickup. Tomorrow they'll be at gan for three hours. I'm hoping the rest of the day tomorrow won't feel as interminably long as today did. It's fun to spend time together and all - but I am totally wiped out.
Check out that pic! He was so teeeeny tiny last year when he started his first year of daycare. Now he's SO much bigger! I'm sure the changes through the years will keep surprising me - but the differences are just so big!
The walk today proved easier than anticipated. I left 15 minutes before dismissal out of paranoia. Then I walked 'the long way' because I realized that I was going to end up being early. I still ended up getting there five minutes early but other parents were already picking up - so it wasn't terrible. Now I know that even walking leisurely (no sweat, no heart-rate elevation) the walk will only take me 10 minutes.
Buzz was a little shy about the whole 'Aruchat Eser' concept and opted not to sit and eat with everybody. When I picked him up all of the other kids were enjoying their snacks. Buzz was definitely hungry though. Once we were clear of the gate he asked for his sandwich. Watching him eat his bear shaped roll was one of the most adorable things I've witnessed recently.
We made it home in about 20 minutes. It was slow going so that we could exercise extreme caution and not drop the sandwich. Once we were inside I cooked up a batch of FF Dairy-free pancakes (thank you almond milk!) and now I have goodies in the freezer for breakfasts and snacks. I love pancakes when there's maple syrup - thanks again S&S! 
We made a quick trip out to the park at a little after 2pm, but it was SO hot out that we were only able to stay out for about half an hour.

The rest of the afternoon passed in a blur of tent-building, laundry sorting, dish washing, pita pizza making, and plant watering.

When Z got home the boys went out to the store to restock our fridge with barley flour. Now I can finally get started on our goodies for the holidays! Hooray!

Tomorrow the plan is to enjoy the early morning hours of quiet that I get. Then gan pickup, followed by a trip over to The FamBily House where we will spend the rest of the day. I'm pretty excited. We haven't done that in a while on a weekday.

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