Friday, September 04, 2015

Sneakers Sans Sand

Hooooly moly. A week of gan has gone by. I've spent all of my spare time prepping for the upcoming holidays. I'm better off spending time in the kitchen since my computer is on the fritz - and it's only turning on 1 out of every 4 times and the other three it makes a terrible grinding noise then dies with a horrible splutter. It's entirely possible that expecting 7 years from a desktop used for high intensity graphics is pushing the limits of technology. Of course this complicates matter since I'm supposed to be designing a logo, laying out a book, and doing more scanning in the near future. On the bright side - for the next two weeks I can pretend the problem doesn't exist while holiday pressure sets in.
Last week Buzz and I made our first batch of holiday challahs. They came out adorably. So far we've got chicken stock, meat pastries (white flour and FF), FF chicken pot pie knishes, brownies, cookies, mini loaf cakes, carrot muffins, pesto, matbucha, ganache, and some other stuff.
I've been trying really hard to keep on top of the dishes situation. So I've been washing a whole lot. Trying to clear out the sinks and wipe down the counters every night before I go to sleep.
The hardest part of holiday prep this year is that Buzz is ending gan at 2pm because the afternoon program (until 4pm) isn't starting until further notice. For some odd reason 2pm pickup throws off my groove. It feels too early to get enough done but it also feels too late to wait until after it to get stuff done. So basically my days feel very chopped up. It's kind of weird.
This post is decidedly disjointed because my mind is bouncing around and can't really focus on anything for very long. Mostly I'm debating what I should do next.
Here's a Buzzshot! He wanted to say hi, so I let him. Please excuse my jumbo-feet in the background.

This funny kid. He was displeased about the fact that the new gan has a huge sand-pit area in the yard outside. He is really not a fan. But he's a master of solving problems - and realized that if he wears sneakers instead of sandals that sand doesn't go in his shoes when he walks in the yard. Z was taken aback when the kid requested his sneakers - but it really makes perfect sense. 
Check out how cute Buzz's lunches have been! He's such a funny little foodie. Yesterday he wanted sliced olives and cucumbers to accompany his feta cheese sandwich. Today he requested English cheddar - but it had to be the orange one. And of course he loves his craisins as a sweet treat.

Yesterday at pickup the teachers actually cornered me about his lunches. I was a tad nervous when they said 'we need to ask you a question about the lunches you've been sending' - but then they launched into praise about the cute-ness level of the rolls and how they all want the recipe and are all curious how I get the rolls to be so soft.

I was decidedly amused and told them that I would happily share the recipe with them. Just as soon as I've translated it.
This morning we woke up to a September sandstorm extravaganza. Which is to say the photo below is a natural shot - no filter and no color tweaking. The world outside is yellow and the air is full of dust. The humidity is insanely high too. Terrible weather for asthmatics to say the very least. For pickup I'll be taking the inhaler and the carrier and giving the kiddo a piggyback ride home to avoid any mishaps or breathing attacks.
In the meantime I'm thinking about cooking up the apple pie filling for apple turnovers just to get them done and out of the way.

Abe is coming for Shabbos and Sunday night is already Rosh Hashana. It's craaaaziness.

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