Monday, September 28, 2015

Tabernacles and Huts Again!

Well, as expected, last Friday was pretty busy. Z and I ended up doing errands in RBS in the morning. Then Shabbos prep took up the rest of the day. Shabbos was quite relaxing and very quiet. Chicken soup, zaatar chicken, and rice made a delicious simple dinner. Then a light dairy brunch at The FamBily House was delightful. We spent the whole day building funny structures out of straws. Then after havdala we got a lift home.
Erev Sukkot was interesting. Z worked all day. That meant that Buzz and I were home alone all day. We baked carrot cakes and muffins. Then we did some laundry and cleaned some stuff. Buzz actually swept the floor, and did a pretty good job.
Buzz waited (im)patiently for Abe to arrive. All of shabbos he had begged to be allowed to eat in the sukkah, but we told him that it wouldn't be Sukkot until Abe arrived at our house. So when his uncle finally made it to our house, Buzz got VERY excited. It was super cute. The cutest part was that as Abe and Z looked over their 4-minim, Buzz asked whether he would get a lulav and etrog of his very own. He was ecstatic when Z presented him with his very own plush set of minim! 

This morning Buzz waved his fluffy set and also got a chance to wave a real set of 4-minim too. 
This morning we made our way to The FamBily House. We spent all day hanging out in their sukkah. It was great as always! But it got me even more excited about having a big comfy sukkah in our new house next year!
Adorkably - if you ask Buzz where we are going in 6 months, he will reply excitedly with, "to the new house!!!"

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