Tuesday, September 08, 2015


Look at me! Two posts in one day...
Behold my productive procrastination. I've got this down to a science.

First the cookies that we really didn't need. (Made under the guise of using up the chocolate covered craisins that I couldn't stop eating by the handful...)
Gan pickup was highly successful. Neither of us suffered asthma attacks. We did drink A LOT of water when we got home in an attempt to clear the sand from our throats. Buzz even wanted to wash his face. My eyes are still gritty. Blech.
Back at home the air-conditioning was working overtime. We thoroughly enjoyed it and basked in the coolness.
I wasted all afternoon. Then Z informed me that his awesome coworker offered to translate my recipe for me in exchange for a batch of rolls. That was a deal that I was more than willing to make.
Once the dough bowl was dirty, I figured it couldn't hurt to reuse it. So I mixed up a batch of pizza dough. A full recipe of the 30-minute-dough made a pizza pie for dinner, a pizza pie for the freezer, and half a dozen hand-sized meat-pies for Z to eat whenever he wants.
Tomorrow hopefully I'll be productive and actually accomplish the things that are on my to-do list (rather than things that seem like fun...)

Good news though - tomorrow 'tzaharon' begins so Buzz will be in gan until 4pm. Long days are good for me! I hope he has fun! He really seems to be warming up to the new ganenot, so I'm hopeful and optimistic.

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