Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Yummy wrapped in a Half Smile

I popped out of bed at 6:30 this morning. My first activity was assembling lunch for Buzz. He opted for a pita stuffed with scrambled egg - I obliged. Then of course Z showed up complaining that the freezer stash of muffins had run out. 

"What about me? What should I take for breakfast?" He whined. 

So crack, beat, fry... Another batch of scrambled eggs - this time with some caramelized onions - then stuffed into a pita. I guess I should ask him how it was. Smelled pretty good, that's for sure.

I was really hungry by this point and there wasn't time to make sometng fresh so I raided my pancake stash in the freezer. I'm rationing that maple syrup and refuse to share with anybody. I love maple syrup so much.

Next order of business was doing something productive relating to holiday prep. Since I defrosted my puff pastry three days ago I figured that the time had come to turn it into apple turnovers before it spoiled. 22 turnovers later, I was out of dough. There was plenty of apple pie filling gloop leftover though, so I added some more apples, and cooked it up again. The apples released juices, I cooked it until it thickened. It's a process. Finally the filling was complete. Enough for a pie or two apple braids. Perfect. I popped it into the fridge.

Next up, I lost a battle with my computer. I wanted to work on laying out a recipe to print for Buzz's teachers. The computer, apparently, did not. Unfortunately the computer won the round, and the project had to wait until Z got home and could take care of the project on his laptop. At least it got done. Eventually.

The computer may have one-upped me, but I was master of the kitchen. Empty sinks, clean dishes, clear (enough) counters... All good for tomorrow's upcoming efforts.

Due to the sandstorm, Z was kind enough to leave work a little early in order to pick Buzz up from gan. Today was the first day of 'tzaharon' so pickup was at 4pm. Saved me from having to venture out into the dust. We went out to Osher Ad to do some quick last minute pre-shabbos and pre-chag shopping. 

We dropped the groceries off at home then made our way over to The FamBily House for some Burrito Wednesday dinner. Phil cooked and it was both delicious and delightful. Buzz ate his first mini-burrito which was pretty cute.

After helping to clear the table we ran across town to get Buzz into bed somewhat on time. It's 7:50pm now and I'm (questionably, overly) optimistic that he will be asleep by 8...

Hopefully the dust is blowing out of here because my lungs can't take too much more of this. Everything feels gritty even though the windows have been closed since before the storm blew in. Blech. I am SO ready for winter.

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