Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Brick Red

I left you in suspense on Thursday night. Well, by Friday evening Buzz was running a fever but it was nothing alarming so we figured we'd ride it out until Sunday. Of course by Sunday he was perfectly fine but we couldn't send him to gan because of the whole '24 hours fever free' policy. Thankfully Monday morning rolled around and off they both went.
Whoops, I got a little ahead of myself. Shabbos was a lot of fun. Abe came to visit. The chicken soup came out perfect (in Z's opinion - which meant a tad on the salty side but actually really delicious.) Everything was excellent besides Buzz being whiny and whatnot on account of being sick with who knows what. We caved at 3pm Shabbos afternoon and took him out to the deserted park to play. He was suffering from major cabin fever and nobody else was out at the park at that hour so we ventured forth. Buzz was thrilled.

That night before going to sleep we changed our clocks back an hour. And the next morning at 5:30, Buzz was up and ready to roll. *jumbo yawn*
Sunday was a complete 'do nothing' day. I was determined to make it the most boring day of the kid's life. (Obviously in an attempt to disabuse him of the notion that 'home' is THE funniest place to be ALWAYS and forever.) I'm not sure if it worked, but on Monday he went back to gan and when I picked him up he was mighty cheerful.
While he was at gan on Monday I utilized my time in questionably productive ways. Namely by piping two big baking trays full of candy eyeballs. It's Tuesday and I'm still waiting for them to dry completely. Since Halloween falls out on Saturday, AND we are having Z's gang of friends over for brunch on a Shabbos - I decided to make a significant nod at my favorite excuse for decorating things electric green, orange, and purple! Obviously spookiness factor and eyeballs figure in there prominently. It might be pagan, but away from the brouhaha of 'The West', it becomes whatever I want to make of it. And I want to make it fun.
As I've mentioned, now that Z is back in school Mondays are one of our VERY long days. So when I picked Buzz up from gan we went to the park for an hour. Then back at home we had a drawn out bath time, scrambled eggs super for supper, then finally it was 7ish and Buzz was exhausted so bedtime. I used my time wisely - washed some dishes, made a lasagna for shabbos... Productivity.
This morning kicked off with a whole lot of rain. It rained in random bursts of 5-10 minutes. I ended up getting dressed on the early side since I was expecting a delivery. I also completed sample collection for the second round of testing that the dr has me doing now in an attempt to find an underlying cause for my issues - since it was bright and sunny out (between squalls) I quickly ran out to the post office and mailed off the package.

At 3:20 the skies opened. As 3:30 neared I accepted the fact that the storm was not going to ease up. Dressed in rainboots, armed with two umbrellasand  a kid-carrier, wearing my waterproof jacket, and carrying a spare pair of pajama pants - I set off. Boy oh boy was it wet.

The teachers were horrified/shocked and amused that I had walked AND even more so when they realized that we were on foot for the return journey. I assured them that the kind of rain we were experiencing had never caused anybody to melt. Then I slung Buzz up on my back, pulled his waterproof poncho over his head, hitched up all the bags, slid my arms into my raincoat backwards, assembled out umbrella tent-roof, and headed out into the storm. We were heading to The FamBily House which meant either trekking all the way there or a 20 minute wait at the bus stop.

Halfway to the bus stop, I heard a vehicle honking behind me. I glanced over my shoulder as I heard it for a second time and noticed an off-duty bus pulling over to the curb very slowly (so as not to splash us). The driver opened the door and called out to me that he would be glad to give us a ride to our destination. Unsure about accepting a ride from a stranger, and even more anxious at asking him to take me to an out-of-the-way street I hesitated. He joked that I was probably wearing Buzz on my back to keep him from getting swept downstream by the muddy river of water that the street had become. Then the rain got stronger, the wind got windier, and the river that was the road flowed faster. I thanked the driver and clambered aboard.

I gave him the street name and he graciously drove us to The FamBily's street. He let us off at the corner and I thanked him profusely. He jokingly said that next time it rains he'll keep an eye out for us. I apologized for having dripped water everywhere and told him that I'd bring cookies next time.

Buzz and I made our way down the street.
It was warm and dry at The FamBily House. Well, dry enough. The Parentals had gone to Ginot to visit. So we made ourselves comfortable. Dibble was Home playing on the Xbox and the kitties were being silly. 

Eventually The Parentals made it home. The Crazy Lady cooked up an awesomely delicious and filling Taco Tuesday dinner for us. We dined and dashed as is our usual.

We drugged Buzz with allergy meds and some mucolit because then ever-shifting weather is making his little system craaaaazy. He's ok, just has that annoying seal cough that scares teachers. I'm hoping that the allergy meds actually help him sleep tonight. (I'm an exhausted mom, obviously I have ulterior motives...)
Tomorrow I'm thinking I might bake the mini cakes or some cookies for Shabbos. The week is going to be over in no time!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Lee Wings!

This has been a long mostly depressing week. Yesterday afternoon we opted to make some light in all the darkness. Buzz and I were scheduled to pay a visit to The FamBily House after gan. We got very lucky because as we walked home from gan we bumped into The Crazy Lady in front of S&S's house. My'Abba was there too. They gave us a ride to their house via the post office (where I successfully collected my iHerb package) and the grocery store. Then we enjoyed a depicts dinner before dashing home to get Buzz into bed.
This morning started off a little bit scarily - there was a terror incident in RBS-Gimmel. By the time we heard about it Buzz was already in gan. So we just took some deep breaths and turned off the news.
After a delicious breakfast - including crispy potatoes and vanilla milkshakes - Z convinced me to join him on a trip. Though he was supposed to go on a school field trip to see some sea-turtles, he opted to skip the trip and utilize the day productively by dealing with choosing the aluminum and window frames for the house.

We drove out to the contractor's contact in 'Noga' and made decisions about Windows type, window profiles, and knobs. The only thing we didn't decide on was the color we want to use. The guy was really nice and let us borrow a sample booklet so that we can mull over our options for the next week or so. With over 70 options available it's definitely not the easiest decision we've had to make yet.
We were only 10 minutes away from the buildling site so we couldn't help ourselves from dropping by for a quick peek. It still looks pretty much the same as it did last time we were there. Except that now the concrete roof is setting and hardening on top of that crazy wooden frame. In the next week or so the guys will remove the wooden framing and support beams. Then they'll begin building the interior walls! I'm REALLY excited about that part. It will give us that much more of a concrete (pun intended) idea of how each of the rooms are going to feel!
We were back home at a little before 1pm. That gave us time for a late lunch. Then we each worked for a bit. Finally it was time to head out to pick up Buzz from gan. Z suggested that we walk together. I liked the idea, so we did. Buzz was very surprised to see both of us. He was even more surprised when new told him that we had walked together - usually when Z comes to pick-up it means that we have the car. He didn't mind the walk though. Especially because I had brought him a couple of nonpareil chocolates to enjoy on the way.
Halfway home Buzz mentioned that he wanted to go on the swings. I strong-armed Z into agreeing to join us at the park, then Buzz strong-armed me into making a detour to our building to collect his bimba. 

Z and Buzz played a'plenty. They went up and down the snake path, rode, ran, climbed... Overall quite an exhausting and successful outing.

Back at home we had some dinner. Then Buzz conked out half an hour earlier than usual. Apparently the park really worked its magic well today.
Hard to believe that tomorrow is Friday. Abe is coming for shabbos. I still have no idea what I'm going to be cooking. I'll be out for most of the morning since I've got a session of CBT scheduled. (I've got a lot of successes from the last two weeks to recount for her!) It's gonna be one of those marathon Fridays since the cooking has to get done, the house is pretty much a disaster since I didn't feel up to cleaning anything this week besides attempting to keep up with the dishes, and we need to move the recently acquired high-riser out to A&A's place (they've graciously offered to host it for us until we are comfortably situated in the new house.)

Edited to add: Remember when I said that Buzz conked out at 7:20 - well, at 8:05 he woke up crying that his throat hurt and threw up aaaaallllll over his bed/blanket/puppy - the works. So now there's suspicion of some virus or whatnot floating around the house - not to mention gross laundry to do. Joy of joys. I guess we'll be going to the dr in the morning before therapy.

I'll just keep breathing over here.

Monday, October 19, 2015


Well, I made it through the first day of school!!!
Lunches were packed, everyone was dressed, and they were out the door by 7:15am. It was pretty impressive. I wonder whether Z will be able to keep it up. Since it was early I decided to set up a faaancy breakfast for myself.
Productivity abounded in the housework category today. I scrubbed out both of the bathrooms, I changed all of the bedsheets, I collected and sorted laundry, I did a bunch of accounting and paperwork follow-up...
3:20pm kind of snuck up on me. I sat down to relax only to realize I had less than 10 minutes until I had to head out the door.
The weather outside was decidedly confusing. I picked Bzz up, then we went to the nearby park with a quick detour to our building in order to pick up his bimba. An hour later as we frolicked at the hidden park the skies opened and the breeze grew chilly - for all of about 240 seconds. Buzz opted to stay out in the rain rather than running home. The showe ended so quickly and had made the structures at the park wet so he opted to head home anyway.
After a good scrub with soap we commenced our Monday evening baking session. Buzz was thrilled because I let him choose aaaaalllll of the mix-ins. Two kinds of oats, caramel chips, chocolate chips, pastel colored dragees, and GF pretzels all feature in this batch. They turned out absolutely delicious. What a cacophony.
Hand cut fries and Shnitzelonim for dinner. Then pjs, bedtime stories, and finally sleep for the kiddo. I was so impressed that he was actually asleep on time. It makes me hopeful for the rest of the Mondays this coming year.

Then I folded and put away two loads of laundry. I also cleared off both of the dishracks and even washed the dairy and Pareve dishes. Crazy thunderclaps outside had me concerned about the random stuff that we've had lying around on the mirpeset so I popped out there and rearranged things.
Z came home early which was really exciting!

Now I've got to go to sleep but I'm just so wound up!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Un De Thaw

Last night I slept for less than four hours. I was having nightmares and hot-flashes. Sorry if that's TMI, but it was kind of a hellish experience. 

When Buzz woke Z up and he realized that I was awake he informed me that my cousins' paternal grandmother had passed away. That news kept me awake in a state of near panic. I wasn't sure whether he was making things up in his half-asleep state and I hadn't received any messages about the news. When the morning came it turned out that the sad news was true.

Suffice it to say - decidedly not a great night.

We seem to be having a lot of those lately.
I didn't feel completely awful (physically) today. I mean, I was exhausted but didn't feel too sick to stand. So I baked up a batch of 'thank you' / bribery cookies for the secretary at Z's school. Just to keep her buttered up and helpful.

Besides for making the beds five minutes before leaving the house for gan-pickup - I was fairly unproductive all morning and early afternoon. 

The walk to gan was weird. The weather was hot and muggy but it was overcast so I was sweating and having trouble pacing myself with breathing. By the time I arrived at the gan I was out of breath and my throat was on fire. Thankfully some cold water and the three minute break at the gan restored me. The walk home was slow, leisurely, and downhill. So everything was ok.
At home Buzz wanted to watch some Blue's Clues. He ate Shnitzelonim and 'baked cookies' in his kitchen too. His imagined productivity spurred me on and before I knew it I had a pot of pasta boiling and had washed all of the dairy and Pareve dishes. 

Since Z is starting school tomorrow (and will be out of the house from 7am-10pm or thereabouts straight) it seemed prudent to have food prepared for him to take as meals. He'll need to pack three meals to-go for Mondays and Thursdays this year. Which means I'll need to be organized enough to have a lot of food options at the ready. Just thinking about it makes me tired.
Tomorrow is coming. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Ezrielach Foni

I left you off last week on a cliffhanger. Suffice it to say that the parent-meeting at gan was decidedly uninteresting. Parents whined about what times exactly the gates should be open for pickup and the rest was a relatively boring rundown of what the teacher hopes to accomplish of the year. Again, they're a bunch of 3 year olds... I don't think this year will make or break their academic futures. Anyway...
I spent most of the rest of the week organizing and reorganizing. I took pictures of all of the rooms in my house that needed to be straightened up. The least embarrassing one is the one of my living room. Which is pretty pathetic. Of course, now it's Saturday night and my house looks almost as bad as it did in those photos - all over again.
Tuesday was pizza and dairy cookies for Rosh Chodesh dinner. Wednesday night Buzz and I took the bus across town. We spent 'after-gan' hours at The FamBily House and got a deeelcious dinner! Thursday we got a grocery delivery, and I tried to take Buzz to the park after gan but our outing lasted less than ten minutes. Friday was crazy busy with half a dozen errands - two post offices, recycling, grocery store, and more. Then there was the shlepping of the second-hand bed that we have acquired. It's living in our living room for now but we may be shifting it to A&A's place until the house is ready.

Which explains the pie. Frank was very helpful with the shlepping - and I promised to pay in the form of Apple-baked-goods. Turnovers and pie sounded good to me - even though I can't even eat them... 

This was the first time I even latticed a pie and I think it came out fairly nicely. I got rave reviews too - so I'll have to keep this filling recipe somewhere safe. I'm pretty sure that I'll be making it again at some point.
Friday night was relatively quiet and relaxing. I made Jersey chicken with the last of the bottle of wine from last shabbos. And Buzz conked out early after a long and exhausting week.

This morning we wandered over to The FamBily House in time for lunch. We spent the whole day there enjoying the company and the atmosphere. It's quiet without Phil (she went back to school on Thursday), and will be quieter still this coming week since Frank will be heading out to school too. Timmy is also moving out - he's not going far, but with his work schedule I'm not sure how often we'll really be seeing him.
Last week was a hard one for a lot of family and friends.

I hope that this week brings comfort and healing.

I'm around if you need me.

~gentle hugs~

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Costume Limbo

Friday was a busy day. Z and I ran errands while Buzz was in gan. Then we got home and rushed around doing cooking and cleaning.

Phil and Frank joined us for dinner (the Parentals were in Ginot at the bar mitzvah). It was delightful. The chicken soup was particularly delicious. And I made 'regular' roasted chicken with smoked paprika, and also roasted a whole pesto chicken (I was sneaky and squished pesto under the skin to really get the flavor amped up.)
Shabbos day was very long. And some point Z and Buzz went out to trek to Yellow Park across town and then stopped by The FamBily House until shabbos ended. Then I went out to pick them up at havdala time. Since I was heading to The FamBily House I was a nice sister and brought Phil some chicken soup and a brownie for melava malka.
Sunday morning was a very very early one. We rushed Buzz out to gan then we got underway to Netivot for another meeting at the tile supplier. We went over our whole order and confirmed what was going where. Then we chose some sinks for our bathrooms. A few more recalculation a and we switched the kitchen faucets to get a better quality for a lower price - thank goodness we caught a sale.
After a few very long exhausting hours of traipsing through tile samples and whatnot we finally clambered back into our car. We began the drive north. We were running on schedule enough to swing by the house quickly just to see the progress. The crew was hard at work putting up the frame so that they can pour the roof of the buildling. They took a break when we arrived so that we could go in and wander around the site without fear of stuff falling on our heads.
It was really exciting to be able to walk up to the second floor and down the the basement. It's really looking great!

We rushed back to The Sun House and made it just in time to pick up Buzz from gan. Then we stopped in to visit with S&S for a little bit to show them all of the house-related goodies we were shlepping around - countertops and cabinet doors and pictures. Buzz had a blast and this morning he was still asking when we can go back to visit them again.
Last night we got craaaazy lucky and Buzz slept in his own bed all night long. I'm honestly not sure whether he woke Z in the middle of the night, but I was so tired that I didn't hear anything. What I do know is that when I woke up at 6am, he was still fast asleep in his bed. He didn't even come in to bother us until a little after 6:30.
Today was nice and routine-y. I'm recovering from some cumulative dehydration - so I spent the day taking things very easy and sipping at water every 10 minutes when my timer rang. I'm feeling better - so I guess it's working. Really trying to avoid getting IV fluids for a while.

Tonight is 'back to school' night at gan. A little late, but better late than never? I don't even know what they're going to talk about - I mean, It's 3 year old gan. I guess we'll find out later.

Thursday, October 08, 2015


I'm loving the cool evenings - that's for sure. I really hope we keep heading towards winter weather. I am SO ready for sweaters and boots and fuzzy socks.

I was kind of lazy today. I mean, I washed dishes and put away dry dishes and made the beds and did some random stuff around the house. But mostly I lazed about and watch tv. I felt justified since I did a lot yesterday and have been having some gut-related unhappiness of sorts this week for some reason. Relaxation and low-stress have been earned by making it through that month of holidays. I know, I keep griping about them but they seriously dragged on forever.
Buzz wasn't too happy to be taken to gan this morning. And I wasn't too happy with all of the screaming and tantrumming that it took to get him dressed and out of the house. At least by 8:20 it was quiet and I was able to eat my breakfast in peace.
The good news is that when I picked him up from gan he was all smiles. Apparently he loved the peanut butter sandwich that I'd sent him for lunch and asked for another one the whole walk home.

I had a surprise for him at home. Part 2 of cookie baking. He was very excited. He decorated a lot of cookies. Then he ate more of them than I care to admit...
I stepped up my game and actually made dinner. Steamed broccoli, chicken teriyaki stirfry, and some fluffy jasmine rice. Is it weird that sometimes I wish my rice came out sticky instead of fluffy? I mean, I know all it takes is too much water on my part and I'll have a sticky gunky mass. But I just can't bring myself to do it. Obviously I could go out and get some sushi or short grain variety of rice - but even still... That just seems like too much effort.
Z is getting Buzz into bed now. (Blogging at bedtime is great!)

I'm puzzling out my menu for shabbos. We'll be hosting some siblings for the Friday Night meal since The Parentals and Dibble will be heading out to the littlest cousin's bar mitzvah in Ginot for the weekend.

Honestly though, I'm having more trouble figuring out what to make for Shabbos lunch than the night meal - why is this so complicated?

At least the house is pretty much clean. Just need to wipe down the stovetop, wash the floor, cook the food, and do another load of laundry. And some other stuff... Cause there's always other stuff.

Wednesday, October 07, 2015


This morning we woke up to the sorely missed sound of rain pitter-pattering on summer-scorched earth. Buzz popped up like a daisy shouting about the rain. Then he remembered that he was supposed to go back to gan today and got very very sad. It was sad for everybody.

After making lunches for the boys they left. And I had quiet for a bit. I opened all of the windows and let in the cool rain scented breeze. Then I cleaned up the living room, cleared the dining room table, straightened up my room, swept the whole apartment, folded three loads of laundry, and did some other random organizing. 
Buzz's teacher called at a little before 10. Buzz was having a hard first day back and they were very nervous about the sound of his cough. Remember that terrifying sounding seal-bark cough? It's baaaaaack. Surprised? We weren't either. The teacher wanted me to come pick him up at 10. I declined and agreed to pick him up at 2 instead of 4.

I figured that since Buzz was having a sad sort of day that we should do something fun. So I made up some cookie dough and colored it in autumnally inspired colors. Then as I was getting ready to head out the power went out - for the fourth or fifth time - and twenty minutes later it hadn't come back on...

I got very lucky and The Crazy Lady agreed to come pick me up. So I quickly packed up all of the cookie making accessories and headed out into the rain.
We had fun making cookies. Well, I had fun making cookies. Buzz got bored after cutting out 1 tray-worth of cookies. Mmmm, cookies. I'm pretty sure that he was just waiting for us to get to the frosting and decorating stage.

Eventually the cookies were all baked. Blue's Clues was all watched. And Z came to pick us up. We went straight to the health clinic for our various dr appointments. The pediatrician didn't seem surprised to see Buzz with his usual cough. He gave us a note for the teachers explaining that the cough sounds scary but it's really just allergies. My appointment went as well as it could have. I'm basically just on Omerpadex and Ranitidine forever. Oh joy. I mean, so long as it works, that's good. No more trying to wean myself off of it though, that really doesn't go well.

Holiday leftovers for dinner, and some fresh rice. Good enough.

Then we dosed Buzz up with allergy meds and mucolit as per the doctor's instruction. And got him to sleep. He's still coughing a lot though. I hope he manages to settle down. Also hoping that I can manage to settle down.
Tomorrow after gan I guess we will frost and decorate the cookies. Besides that I haven't got any big plans for tomorrow. I need a recovery day from that month-long holiday marathon. I am exhausted.

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Tome On, Tayaya!!!

Shabbos was fun. We were out aaaallll day at The FamBily Hous. We enjoyed The FamBily Sukkah. The day went by pretty quickly. After havdala We made our way home. Sarah Leah slept over again.
Z worked a full day on Sunday. Buzz and I prepped the rest of the food for the night meal. Simchat Torah was a few short hours away. By the time Z got home we had about an hour to shower, pack everything up, and shlep it over to The FamBily house.

We managed it somehow. Then we even made it to shul for some dancing and whatnot. I conked out after the soup course, which was sad, but everybody said the rest of the food was good. The pie got rave reviews so we will definitely be making that again.
The rest of the day dragged on to some extent. BBQ lunch was deeeelicious and we had lots of fun, but the holidays were just so long, I think we were all ready for it to just be over.

We ran home after chag to get Buzz into bed. His allergy cough is really acting up (so is the gunk in my throat) so weather changes are definitely coming.
This morning was ridiculously busy and rushed. Buzz and Z finally got haircuts! Buzz sobbed sadly through his whole haircut mumbling about cakes and parties. There was decidedly less screaming and thrashing involved in the process this time - which was nice. So afterwards we took him to the bakery to choose a post-shearing baked good. He was quite happy with the cupcake that he chose.

Back at home my stress evolved into a full-blown panic attack. Two anti-anxiety pills later I was tucked into bed crying and Buzz and Z were dressed and ready to leave the house. They left to pick up Phil and Frank and head out to the littlest cousin's bar mitzvah out in the Shomron.

I got myself under control with some support from friends. I made the beds and did some laundry to get my mind focused on the mundane. It worked well enough. Good thing I have therapy scheduled for Friday morning. 
I was doing much better by the time they made it back to The Sun House. I faced up to my anxiety and forced myself to leave the house for a second time. We weren't going far but, out is out. We made a quick trip to The FamBily House and helped Frank and Phil dismantle the sukkah there. The threat of rain in the forecast gave us the necessary push to get it done before inclement weather arrives.

Back at home, dinner and bedtime. We gave Buzz some meds for his cough but they don't seem to be helping much. It might be time to consider another trip to the pulmonologist.

Meanwhile tomorrow is my Gastro follow-up. I hope that has more concrete results since at this rate I have no clue how to get off of the meds that I'm on and they are only working part of the time.
Happy days!

Friday, October 02, 2015


Yesterday Buzz and I spent most of the day organizing stuff around the house. Buzz spent the remainder of his time asking when it would be time to go play with his cousins.

Finally Sababi came to pick us up and take us over to The FamBily House. The kiddos played (and took turns riding the bimba) and had a generally good time. The Freddies had to go out to another party, so we decided to head home too.
We made some homemade pizza for dinner! Sarah Leah was on her way, so we also made a vegetable cheese braid and a Nutella stuffed loaf for dessert and breakfast.
This morning I popped out of bed very excited about chicken pot pie. I made the filling then realized that it was probably too much for one extra-large pie tin. My solution was to make two 'regular' pies. Thankfully my crust spread thinly enough and I was able to get two beautiful pies made.
I happened to notice that somebody had posted a first-come-first-served post offering a free kiddie-pool with a cover for free. Caveat being, they were throwing it out if nobody came by 2pm. I was hooked. I wanted it. We quickly got dressed and ran out to RBS to obtain the pool. Then we swung by The FamBily House to pick up our spare car seat, which led to us taking challahs to S&S. We enjoyed a quick but delightful visit with S&S in their sukkah. (Buzz got some yummy cookies that he has been raving about all day.) Then we dashed home in time for Z to get a drink then pick up Rikuda&Co from the bus stop.

A stop at the mall for lunch followed by a relaxing visit at our place was nice for us (hope we didn't tire them out too much.) Then Z gave them a ride to RBS, where they'll be spending shabbos.
We have about two hours until candle-lighting. The house is pretty much clean. I do still need to set the table, wash the last few dishes, and there are still four loads of laundry sitting in baskets in my room waiting to be folded... But that's not so terrible all things considered.

I'm slightly impatient for shabbos to start because I want to eat my pies sure whether I'm more excited about the chicken pot pie or this delicious looking peanut-butter-crumble-pie. Peanut butter crumble, chocolate pudding, and whipped cream... It's gonna be delicious!