Sunday, October 11, 2015

Costume Limbo

Friday was a busy day. Z and I ran errands while Buzz was in gan. Then we got home and rushed around doing cooking and cleaning.

Phil and Frank joined us for dinner (the Parentals were in Ginot at the bar mitzvah). It was delightful. The chicken soup was particularly delicious. And I made 'regular' roasted chicken with smoked paprika, and also roasted a whole pesto chicken (I was sneaky and squished pesto under the skin to really get the flavor amped up.)
Shabbos day was very long. And some point Z and Buzz went out to trek to Yellow Park across town and then stopped by The FamBily House until shabbos ended. Then I went out to pick them up at havdala time. Since I was heading to The FamBily House I was a nice sister and brought Phil some chicken soup and a brownie for melava malka.
Sunday morning was a very very early one. We rushed Buzz out to gan then we got underway to Netivot for another meeting at the tile supplier. We went over our whole order and confirmed what was going where. Then we chose some sinks for our bathrooms. A few more recalculation a and we switched the kitchen faucets to get a better quality for a lower price - thank goodness we caught a sale.
After a few very long exhausting hours of traipsing through tile samples and whatnot we finally clambered back into our car. We began the drive north. We were running on schedule enough to swing by the house quickly just to see the progress. The crew was hard at work putting up the frame so that they can pour the roof of the buildling. They took a break when we arrived so that we could go in and wander around the site without fear of stuff falling on our heads.
It was really exciting to be able to walk up to the second floor and down the the basement. It's really looking great!

We rushed back to The Sun House and made it just in time to pick up Buzz from gan. Then we stopped in to visit with S&S for a little bit to show them all of the house-related goodies we were shlepping around - countertops and cabinet doors and pictures. Buzz had a blast and this morning he was still asking when we can go back to visit them again.
Last night we got craaaazy lucky and Buzz slept in his own bed all night long. I'm honestly not sure whether he woke Z in the middle of the night, but I was so tired that I didn't hear anything. What I do know is that when I woke up at 6am, he was still fast asleep in his bed. He didn't even come in to bother us until a little after 6:30.
Today was nice and routine-y. I'm recovering from some cumulative dehydration - so I spent the day taking things very easy and sipping at water every 10 minutes when my timer rang. I'm feeling better - so I guess it's working. Really trying to avoid getting IV fluids for a while.

Tonight is 'back to school' night at gan. A little late, but better late than never? I don't even know what they're going to talk about - I mean, It's 3 year old gan. I guess we'll find out later.

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