Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Ezrielach Foni

I left you off last week on a cliffhanger. Suffice it to say that the parent-meeting at gan was decidedly uninteresting. Parents whined about what times exactly the gates should be open for pickup and the rest was a relatively boring rundown of what the teacher hopes to accomplish of the year. Again, they're a bunch of 3 year olds... I don't think this year will make or break their academic futures. Anyway...
I spent most of the rest of the week organizing and reorganizing. I took pictures of all of the rooms in my house that needed to be straightened up. The least embarrassing one is the one of my living room. Which is pretty pathetic. Of course, now it's Saturday night and my house looks almost as bad as it did in those photos - all over again.
Tuesday was pizza and dairy cookies for Rosh Chodesh dinner. Wednesday night Buzz and I took the bus across town. We spent 'after-gan' hours at The FamBily House and got a deeelcious dinner! Thursday we got a grocery delivery, and I tried to take Buzz to the park after gan but our outing lasted less than ten minutes. Friday was crazy busy with half a dozen errands - two post offices, recycling, grocery store, and more. Then there was the shlepping of the second-hand bed that we have acquired. It's living in our living room for now but we may be shifting it to A&A's place until the house is ready.

Which explains the pie. Frank was very helpful with the shlepping - and I promised to pay in the form of Apple-baked-goods. Turnovers and pie sounded good to me - even though I can't even eat them... 

This was the first time I even latticed a pie and I think it came out fairly nicely. I got rave reviews too - so I'll have to keep this filling recipe somewhere safe. I'm pretty sure that I'll be making it again at some point.
Friday night was relatively quiet and relaxing. I made Jersey chicken with the last of the bottle of wine from last shabbos. And Buzz conked out early after a long and exhausting week.

This morning we wandered over to The FamBily House in time for lunch. We spent the whole day there enjoying the company and the atmosphere. It's quiet without Phil (she went back to school on Thursday), and will be quieter still this coming week since Frank will be heading out to school too. Timmy is also moving out - he's not going far, but with his work schedule I'm not sure how often we'll really be seeing him.
Last week was a hard one for a lot of family and friends.

I hope that this week brings comfort and healing.

I'm around if you need me.

~gentle hugs~

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