Monday, October 19, 2015


Well, I made it through the first day of school!!!
Lunches were packed, everyone was dressed, and they were out the door by 7:15am. It was pretty impressive. I wonder whether Z will be able to keep it up. Since it was early I decided to set up a faaancy breakfast for myself.
Productivity abounded in the housework category today. I scrubbed out both of the bathrooms, I changed all of the bedsheets, I collected and sorted laundry, I did a bunch of accounting and paperwork follow-up...
3:20pm kind of snuck up on me. I sat down to relax only to realize I had less than 10 minutes until I had to head out the door.
The weather outside was decidedly confusing. I picked Bzz up, then we went to the nearby park with a quick detour to our building in order to pick up his bimba. An hour later as we frolicked at the hidden park the skies opened and the breeze grew chilly - for all of about 240 seconds. Buzz opted to stay out in the rain rather than running home. The showe ended so quickly and had made the structures at the park wet so he opted to head home anyway.
After a good scrub with soap we commenced our Monday evening baking session. Buzz was thrilled because I let him choose aaaaalllll of the mix-ins. Two kinds of oats, caramel chips, chocolate chips, pastel colored dragees, and GF pretzels all feature in this batch. They turned out absolutely delicious. What a cacophony.
Hand cut fries and Shnitzelonim for dinner. Then pjs, bedtime stories, and finally sleep for the kiddo. I was so impressed that he was actually asleep on time. It makes me hopeful for the rest of the Mondays this coming year.

Then I folded and put away two loads of laundry. I also cleared off both of the dishracks and even washed the dairy and Pareve dishes. Crazy thunderclaps outside had me concerned about the random stuff that we've had lying around on the mirpeset so I popped out there and rearranged things.
Z came home early which was really exciting!

Now I've got to go to sleep but I'm just so wound up!

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