Thursday, October 22, 2015

Lee Wings!

This has been a long mostly depressing week. Yesterday afternoon we opted to make some light in all the darkness. Buzz and I were scheduled to pay a visit to The FamBily House after gan. We got very lucky because as we walked home from gan we bumped into The Crazy Lady in front of S&S's house. My'Abba was there too. They gave us a ride to their house via the post office (where I successfully collected my iHerb package) and the grocery store. Then we enjoyed a depicts dinner before dashing home to get Buzz into bed.
This morning started off a little bit scarily - there was a terror incident in RBS-Gimmel. By the time we heard about it Buzz was already in gan. So we just took some deep breaths and turned off the news.
After a delicious breakfast - including crispy potatoes and vanilla milkshakes - Z convinced me to join him on a trip. Though he was supposed to go on a school field trip to see some sea-turtles, he opted to skip the trip and utilize the day productively by dealing with choosing the aluminum and window frames for the house.

We drove out to the contractor's contact in 'Noga' and made decisions about Windows type, window profiles, and knobs. The only thing we didn't decide on was the color we want to use. The guy was really nice and let us borrow a sample booklet so that we can mull over our options for the next week or so. With over 70 options available it's definitely not the easiest decision we've had to make yet.
We were only 10 minutes away from the buildling site so we couldn't help ourselves from dropping by for a quick peek. It still looks pretty much the same as it did last time we were there. Except that now the concrete roof is setting and hardening on top of that crazy wooden frame. In the next week or so the guys will remove the wooden framing and support beams. Then they'll begin building the interior walls! I'm REALLY excited about that part. It will give us that much more of a concrete (pun intended) idea of how each of the rooms are going to feel!
We were back home at a little before 1pm. That gave us time for a late lunch. Then we each worked for a bit. Finally it was time to head out to pick up Buzz from gan. Z suggested that we walk together. I liked the idea, so we did. Buzz was very surprised to see both of us. He was even more surprised when new told him that we had walked together - usually when Z comes to pick-up it means that we have the car. He didn't mind the walk though. Especially because I had brought him a couple of nonpareil chocolates to enjoy on the way.
Halfway home Buzz mentioned that he wanted to go on the swings. I strong-armed Z into agreeing to join us at the park, then Buzz strong-armed me into making a detour to our building to collect his bimba. 

Z and Buzz played a'plenty. They went up and down the snake path, rode, ran, climbed... Overall quite an exhausting and successful outing.

Back at home we had some dinner. Then Buzz conked out half an hour earlier than usual. Apparently the park really worked its magic well today.
Hard to believe that tomorrow is Friday. Abe is coming for shabbos. I still have no idea what I'm going to be cooking. I'll be out for most of the morning since I've got a session of CBT scheduled. (I've got a lot of successes from the last two weeks to recount for her!) It's gonna be one of those marathon Fridays since the cooking has to get done, the house is pretty much a disaster since I didn't feel up to cleaning anything this week besides attempting to keep up with the dishes, and we need to move the recently acquired high-riser out to A&A's place (they've graciously offered to host it for us until we are comfortably situated in the new house.)

Edited to add: Remember when I said that Buzz conked out at 7:20 - well, at 8:05 he woke up crying that his throat hurt and threw up aaaaallllll over his bed/blanket/puppy - the works. So now there's suspicion of some virus or whatnot floating around the house - not to mention gross laundry to do. Joy of joys. I guess we'll be going to the dr in the morning before therapy.

I'll just keep breathing over here.

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