Wednesday, October 07, 2015


This morning we woke up to the sorely missed sound of rain pitter-pattering on summer-scorched earth. Buzz popped up like a daisy shouting about the rain. Then he remembered that he was supposed to go back to gan today and got very very sad. It was sad for everybody.

After making lunches for the boys they left. And I had quiet for a bit. I opened all of the windows and let in the cool rain scented breeze. Then I cleaned up the living room, cleared the dining room table, straightened up my room, swept the whole apartment, folded three loads of laundry, and did some other random organizing. 
Buzz's teacher called at a little before 10. Buzz was having a hard first day back and they were very nervous about the sound of his cough. Remember that terrifying sounding seal-bark cough? It's baaaaaack. Surprised? We weren't either. The teacher wanted me to come pick him up at 10. I declined and agreed to pick him up at 2 instead of 4.

I figured that since Buzz was having a sad sort of day that we should do something fun. So I made up some cookie dough and colored it in autumnally inspired colors. Then as I was getting ready to head out the power went out - for the fourth or fifth time - and twenty minutes later it hadn't come back on...

I got very lucky and The Crazy Lady agreed to come pick me up. So I quickly packed up all of the cookie making accessories and headed out into the rain.
We had fun making cookies. Well, I had fun making cookies. Buzz got bored after cutting out 1 tray-worth of cookies. Mmmm, cookies. I'm pretty sure that he was just waiting for us to get to the frosting and decorating stage.

Eventually the cookies were all baked. Blue's Clues was all watched. And Z came to pick us up. We went straight to the health clinic for our various dr appointments. The pediatrician didn't seem surprised to see Buzz with his usual cough. He gave us a note for the teachers explaining that the cough sounds scary but it's really just allergies. My appointment went as well as it could have. I'm basically just on Omerpadex and Ranitidine forever. Oh joy. I mean, so long as it works, that's good. No more trying to wean myself off of it though, that really doesn't go well.

Holiday leftovers for dinner, and some fresh rice. Good enough.

Then we dosed Buzz up with allergy meds and mucolit as per the doctor's instruction. And got him to sleep. He's still coughing a lot though. I hope he manages to settle down. Also hoping that I can manage to settle down.
Tomorrow after gan I guess we will frost and decorate the cookies. Besides that I haven't got any big plans for tomorrow. I need a recovery day from that month-long holiday marathon. I am exhausted.

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