Thursday, October 08, 2015


I'm loving the cool evenings - that's for sure. I really hope we keep heading towards winter weather. I am SO ready for sweaters and boots and fuzzy socks.

I was kind of lazy today. I mean, I washed dishes and put away dry dishes and made the beds and did some random stuff around the house. But mostly I lazed about and watch tv. I felt justified since I did a lot yesterday and have been having some gut-related unhappiness of sorts this week for some reason. Relaxation and low-stress have been earned by making it through that month of holidays. I know, I keep griping about them but they seriously dragged on forever.
Buzz wasn't too happy to be taken to gan this morning. And I wasn't too happy with all of the screaming and tantrumming that it took to get him dressed and out of the house. At least by 8:20 it was quiet and I was able to eat my breakfast in peace.
The good news is that when I picked him up from gan he was all smiles. Apparently he loved the peanut butter sandwich that I'd sent him for lunch and asked for another one the whole walk home.

I had a surprise for him at home. Part 2 of cookie baking. He was very excited. He decorated a lot of cookies. Then he ate more of them than I care to admit...
I stepped up my game and actually made dinner. Steamed broccoli, chicken teriyaki stirfry, and some fluffy jasmine rice. Is it weird that sometimes I wish my rice came out sticky instead of fluffy? I mean, I know all it takes is too much water on my part and I'll have a sticky gunky mass. But I just can't bring myself to do it. Obviously I could go out and get some sushi or short grain variety of rice - but even still... That just seems like too much effort.
Z is getting Buzz into bed now. (Blogging at bedtime is great!)

I'm puzzling out my menu for shabbos. We'll be hosting some siblings for the Friday Night meal since The Parentals and Dibble will be heading out to the littlest cousin's bar mitzvah in Ginot for the weekend.

Honestly though, I'm having more trouble figuring out what to make for Shabbos lunch than the night meal - why is this so complicated?

At least the house is pretty much clean. Just need to wipe down the stovetop, wash the floor, cook the food, and do another load of laundry. And some other stuff... Cause there's always other stuff.

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