Friday, October 02, 2015


Yesterday Buzz and I spent most of the day organizing stuff around the house. Buzz spent the remainder of his time asking when it would be time to go play with his cousins.

Finally Sababi came to pick us up and take us over to The FamBily House. The kiddos played (and took turns riding the bimba) and had a generally good time. The Freddies had to go out to another party, so we decided to head home too.
We made some homemade pizza for dinner! Sarah Leah was on her way, so we also made a vegetable cheese braid and a Nutella stuffed loaf for dessert and breakfast.
This morning I popped out of bed very excited about chicken pot pie. I made the filling then realized that it was probably too much for one extra-large pie tin. My solution was to make two 'regular' pies. Thankfully my crust spread thinly enough and I was able to get two beautiful pies made.
I happened to notice that somebody had posted a first-come-first-served post offering a free kiddie-pool with a cover for free. Caveat being, they were throwing it out if nobody came by 2pm. I was hooked. I wanted it. We quickly got dressed and ran out to RBS to obtain the pool. Then we swung by The FamBily House to pick up our spare car seat, which led to us taking challahs to S&S. We enjoyed a quick but delightful visit with S&S in their sukkah. (Buzz got some yummy cookies that he has been raving about all day.) Then we dashed home in time for Z to get a drink then pick up Rikuda&Co from the bus stop.

A stop at the mall for lunch followed by a relaxing visit at our place was nice for us (hope we didn't tire them out too much.) Then Z gave them a ride to RBS, where they'll be spending shabbos.
We have about two hours until candle-lighting. The house is pretty much clean. I do still need to set the table, wash the last few dishes, and there are still four loads of laundry sitting in baskets in my room waiting to be folded... But that's not so terrible all things considered.

I'm slightly impatient for shabbos to start because I want to eat my pies sure whether I'm more excited about the chicken pot pie or this delicious looking peanut-butter-crumble-pie. Peanut butter crumble, chocolate pudding, and whipped cream... It's gonna be delicious!

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