Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Tome On, Tayaya!!!

Shabbos was fun. We were out aaaallll day at The FamBily Hous. We enjoyed The FamBily Sukkah. The day went by pretty quickly. After havdala We made our way home. Sarah Leah slept over again.
Z worked a full day on Sunday. Buzz and I prepped the rest of the food for the night meal. Simchat Torah was a few short hours away. By the time Z got home we had about an hour to shower, pack everything up, and shlep it over to The FamBily house.

We managed it somehow. Then we even made it to shul for some dancing and whatnot. I conked out after the soup course, which was sad, but everybody said the rest of the food was good. The pie got rave reviews so we will definitely be making that again.
The rest of the day dragged on to some extent. BBQ lunch was deeeelicious and we had lots of fun, but the holidays were just so long, I think we were all ready for it to just be over.

We ran home after chag to get Buzz into bed. His allergy cough is really acting up (so is the gunk in my throat) so weather changes are definitely coming.
This morning was ridiculously busy and rushed. Buzz and Z finally got haircuts! Buzz sobbed sadly through his whole haircut mumbling about cakes and parties. There was decidedly less screaming and thrashing involved in the process this time - which was nice. So afterwards we took him to the bakery to choose a post-shearing baked good. He was quite happy with the cupcake that he chose.

Back at home my stress evolved into a full-blown panic attack. Two anti-anxiety pills later I was tucked into bed crying and Buzz and Z were dressed and ready to leave the house. They left to pick up Phil and Frank and head out to the littlest cousin's bar mitzvah out in the Shomron.

I got myself under control with some support from friends. I made the beds and did some laundry to get my mind focused on the mundane. It worked well enough. Good thing I have therapy scheduled for Friday morning. 
I was doing much better by the time they made it back to The Sun House. I faced up to my anxiety and forced myself to leave the house for a second time. We weren't going far but, out is out. We made a quick trip to The FamBily House and helped Frank and Phil dismantle the sukkah there. The threat of rain in the forecast gave us the necessary push to get it done before inclement weather arrives.

Back at home, dinner and bedtime. We gave Buzz some meds for his cough but they don't seem to be helping much. It might be time to consider another trip to the pulmonologist.

Meanwhile tomorrow is my Gastro follow-up. I hope that has more concrete results since at this rate I have no clue how to get off of the meds that I'm on and they are only working part of the time.
Happy days!

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