Sunday, October 18, 2015

Un De Thaw

Last night I slept for less than four hours. I was having nightmares and hot-flashes. Sorry if that's TMI, but it was kind of a hellish experience. 

When Buzz woke Z up and he realized that I was awake he informed me that my cousins' paternal grandmother had passed away. That news kept me awake in a state of near panic. I wasn't sure whether he was making things up in his half-asleep state and I hadn't received any messages about the news. When the morning came it turned out that the sad news was true.

Suffice it to say - decidedly not a great night.

We seem to be having a lot of those lately.
I didn't feel completely awful (physically) today. I mean, I was exhausted but didn't feel too sick to stand. So I baked up a batch of 'thank you' / bribery cookies for the secretary at Z's school. Just to keep her buttered up and helpful.

Besides for making the beds five minutes before leaving the house for gan-pickup - I was fairly unproductive all morning and early afternoon. 

The walk to gan was weird. The weather was hot and muggy but it was overcast so I was sweating and having trouble pacing myself with breathing. By the time I arrived at the gan I was out of breath and my throat was on fire. Thankfully some cold water and the three minute break at the gan restored me. The walk home was slow, leisurely, and downhill. So everything was ok.
At home Buzz wanted to watch some Blue's Clues. He ate Shnitzelonim and 'baked cookies' in his kitchen too. His imagined productivity spurred me on and before I knew it I had a pot of pasta boiling and had washed all of the dairy and Pareve dishes. 

Since Z is starting school tomorrow (and will be out of the house from 7am-10pm or thereabouts straight) it seemed prudent to have food prepared for him to take as meals. He'll need to pack three meals to-go for Mondays and Thursdays this year. Which means I'll need to be organized enough to have a lot of food options at the ready. Just thinking about it makes me tired.
Tomorrow is coming. Wish me luck.

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