Sunday, November 29, 2015

Nashnul Parks

A more upbeat post - you're welcome...

Well, Shabbos was really wonderful. S&S joined us at The FamBily House for a Thanksgiving weekend. The Crazy Lazy outdid herself in the cooking department - everything was absolutely delicious. I was thankful to not have to clean my house and also for awesome FamBily. Buzz had a blast with his Aunt and Uncles. He was also thrilled to have Bubby and Zaydie around too! He's always happy to spend time with his Savta and Sababi - but it was a super special treat for him to have everybody! Only The Freddies were missing - we hope they'll come visit again super soon!
Today was jam-packed with activities. Not only did I do some housekeeping type stuff, but I went on a semi-unplanned outing with Phil and The Crazy Lady. We had a blast at Neimi Mall. We did a fairly thorough exploration of Max Stock (where I pre-spent my Chanuka money on some awesome bowls for fleishigs and a new flashlight for Buzz to use at bedtime for stories.) Next we terrorized Osher Ad, silly #9 gave us some trouble so we ended up ditching it. But I did get us the fire-lighting-paraphernalia required for Chanuka.

Back at home I did some stuff around the house then it was time to go pick up Buzz from gan. We made a fun detour on the way home today. We had a play date with one of Buzz's classmates. It was cute and he had a great time even though he was a little shy and quiet while we were there. Hopefully we can get together more before we move! Maybe they'll even come here too! 

Dinner was a little late and on the fly - so I threw fries and shnitzels into the oven. Buzz was thrilled with the selection. Stars and moons are his favorites.
Every day this week has things booked to do - I'm tired just thinking about it.

Day by day.

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