Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Red in the water

Hello stress. I thought we'd come to an understanding. I thought we'd come to an agreement. I thought we understood each other. You could be the annoying little voice in my head, and I could ignore you. But you aren't keeping up your part of the deal. Either that or we have very different ideas of what decibel level 'little voice' is meant to be set at. Because when you're so loud that you obliterate the possibility of sane thought and make it hard to breathe or think and make it impossible to do productive things... Well, we have a problem.

We adopted a new printer this week. S&S weren't using it, so we happily brought it home and hooked it up. It works great! Next step is to swap out our computer tower with a spare functioning one from The FamBily House. Getting there.

Yesterday I cleaned a whole lot of the house. Mostly because The Parentals came to babysit for Buzz last night and partly because it really needed a good cleaning. 

Today all I did was make two chicken pot pies. Then I ate 1/4 of a pie by myself - which probably doesn't sound impressive - but for me, it's quite an accomplishment.

We did enjoy a delicious BBQ dinner at The FamBily House. Buzz had requested a BBQ with hotdogs and The Crazy Lady kindly obliged. Hotdogs and shnitzel with fries and the works. A&A joined us too - it's really nice to have family around. Plus Z lucked out, just enough leftovers for a really yummy chicken sandwich for lunch tomorrow.

Unfortunately today we hit a sad parenting milestone. Buzz's best friend, puppy, went missing. Puppy disappeared along with Buzz's red sippy cup. We are hoping that there is some sort of reasonable explanation, and that they turn up tomorrow. The Crazy Lady lovingly lent Buzz a substitute puppy while his is 'on vacation' and I'm pretty sure that I'm taking the loss harder than he is. However, the night is still relatively young and there are many hours until morning which leaves a whole lot of time for sadness and abandonment-hysteria to strike. I am not looking forward to getting through tonight.

I feel like I need an extra therapy session or three. There is just way too much big stuff going on at once. My head feels like it's going to explode.

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