Thursday, December 31, 2015

Tunchies & Foons

I keep uploading photos and meaning to blog but then I get distracted and it just doesn't happen.

So here I am trying to get at least one post out the door - since I missed the while second half of December.
Last Thursday Z's afternoon classes were cancelled so he stayed home from school. The best part of the day was after we picked Buzz up from gan. We had a super fun family outing. We made a trip out to RBS to visit the baking-stuff-store and a candy shop. 

Then we made Buzz's day complete when we stopped off to pick up a pie of pizza for dinner. Homemade is awesome but it doesn't come with cardboard rectangles or a super cool box. There's something thrilling about sitting in a pizzeria waiting for your pie to be ready. Magic happens when you have some mandatory 'free' time and choose to make the most of it.
Back at home we baked up our special treats with Buzz. His very favorite thing to watch is a Cupcake Jemma's channel on YouTube. He is literally a devoted fan. I'm pretty sure he's watched every video that she ever uploaded. She had put together a great little tutorial for mini gingerbread houses and ever since his first glimpse of her creations Buzz had been begging us to make some. So we finally did - in time for New Years. The kid was ecstatic!
On Friday after picking Buzz up from gan we buckled down and decorated our houses! Buzz had a blast with the candies and decorations. Definitely a successful activity. The kid's happiness level was through the roof.

We actually took the houses with us to lunch at The FamBily House. They were very much enjoyed by the crowd. (Including the FF among us. Go barley flour and featherlight finger-work!)
Sunday morning rolled around and Buzz and I made it to our final evaluation at the 'child development center'. I got Buzz to gan a little before noon then picked him up a couple of hours later. We missed the bus across town so we ended up walking over to The FamBily House. No big surprise that buzz slept fairly well that night.

On Monday I set myself to the task of straightening up the apartment. Three loads of laundry, two empty kitchen sinks, and a clean floor later - I was fairly pleased with my progress. I picked Buzz up from gan and we stopped off at S&S for a couple of hours. Buzz was thrilled to spend time with them, and so was I! Eventually we made our way home - we got in just in time to make some pita pizza for dinner. By then Buzz was on cloud nine.
Today felt like Wednesday but it was only Tuesday. I cleaned more. Overhauled a bunch of the kid's room, sanitized the detergent drawer from my washer, and some other things I'd been procrastinating. I left to pick up the kiddo a little early so that we could catch the bus at 3:50pm instead of waiting until 4:20pm. Thankfully we made it with two minutes to spare. Buzz chose to sit in the very last row on the bus, that sure was a bumpy adventure. (There are A LOT of speed bumps between our place and The FamBily House.)

The Crazy Lady fed us an absolutely delicious dinner. These dashed and tossed Buzz into bed with a warm-water-bottle and two bedtime stories.

Tomorrow is (finally) Wednesday.

Not even sure what it's got in store for me.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015


I found some more pictures from last week! 

Hope you aren't sick of Buzz and his shenanigans yet!

Today was a do-nothing-day. I recuperated from the weeklong gan-break. I did cook a little and I even washed dishes three times. But I wasn't overly productive besides that small stuff. 

Dinner made Buzz VERY happy. Homemade pizza, and I let him put the olives on his pie. Check out the last photo on the post to get an idea of just how many olives he think are appropriate to consume in a sitting. He's a funny one!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Loppypops & Fabdetti

I left you at night three...

Let's see... On Wednesday morning Buzz enjoyed a fresh pita pizza with olives for breakfast. He was quite pleased and surprised by the fact that I agreed to his crazy request. As a gesture of gratitude he washed all of the silverware from our party the night before. (I soaped them and he rinsed - but he did a great job!)

Then we got dressed and made our way over to S&S's house where we partied with a bunch of Preiser's for a couple of hours. Buzz was thrilled because he got pizza for a second meal running.

We ended up at The FamBily House for dinner which was a whole lot of fun. Sadly we missed The Freddies because the hour got a little late.
Thursday morning we took Buzz in for an Occupational Therapy evaluation/assessment. We feel that he could definitely positively benefit from the opportunity for OT. So, we'll see what happens. 

After our meeting we went down to the mall and there were some big bouncy houses set up. Buzz was thrilled when we let him take a turn jumping and bouncing. Our next stop was the bakery for a well earned donut and to the grocery store for last minute groceries for Shabbos.

Z left for school very late, on account of our adventures. One of the only reasons that he actually traveled out to Ariel was so that he could bring Phil home for the weekend!
Friday was insanely hectic. Buzz had a follow-up appointment with the ENT. She proclaimed his ears fluid free, which is super duper exciting, especially because it's the wet season now!

Z took Buzz and went out to visit the house along with The Fialkoffs. While they were out I baked a double batch of brownies (and subsequently frosted one batch with mint frosting and chocolate ganache, and the other pan got topped with eggless cookie dough.) I whipped up a batch of whipped chocolate frosting and piped it onto a batch of yellow cupcakes that I baked.

Then I prepped food for shabbos, and straightened up the house. Abe joined us for Shabbos but we made him sleep on the super comfy couch in Buzz's room because Sarah Leah was also sleeping over. She ate her meals by her cousins in Nofei Aviv.
You may be asking yourself, 'Why all the fancy desserts for Shabbos?'

Well, A&A had a baby boy and the bris fell out on shabbos morning! So The Amazingly Awesome Crazy Lady - cooked and hosted a complete shabbos extravaganza for A&A and their parents/relatives ALL WHILE babysitting for both of The Mini Freddies one of whom was a teething grumpy one year old with an ear infection! That Crazy Lady is seriously a Superwoman!
So, the bris went smoothly. We left the shul with a baby named Aryeh Yosef. The day was very nice. Z and Phil took the 3 year olds out to Yellow Park to burn off their excess energies. The food was delicious and I did a sweet job on the desserts if I do say so myself.
Sunday was mostly a do-nothing day. Buzz and I spent the day in pjs.

At around 3:30pm Buzz and I were both starting to fall asleep. I realized that we had to do something. So, off to the kitchen we went. Buzz perked a cookie cookbook, chose a recipe, and we were off!

Two doughs, a chill, rolling and rolling... And finally it was dinner time and we had cookies for dessert!
This morning we got off to an early start. I had plans to head to The FamBily House at around 9. Then I found out that the buses were on strike, and thunder started, then the skies opened dumping a whole lot of rain down on us.

Freddie was coming to The Sun House to pick up her kiddos. She agreed to pick us up on h way into town. While we waited for her to arrive we folded three load of laundry, washed all of the dairy and pareve dishes, got dressed, and swept the floor. It was quite productive.

We ended up spending the whole day at The FamBily House. We raided the fridge for lunch and snacks. We played lots of games. And we caught up on the Freddies' adventures.

For dinner I helped The Crazy Lady repurpose some leftover roasted chicken breasts into my very favorite repurposed-leftover dish - a Chicken Pot Pie. I think it came out really deliciously!

After dinner My'Abba gave us a ride home. Buzz's bedtime routine went so quickly - he was decidedly tuckered out.

Then I crazily started baking a batch of rolls. I suddenly remembered that we were out of rolls for Buzz to take to gan for Aruchat Eser. Luckily I have a supser easy 1-hour white bread recipe. So one hour later the whole apartment was filled with the smell of fresh bread and I had eight rolls for Buzz.
I'm looking forward to Buzz going back to gan.

I'm hoping to get the house back in order - finally.

Of course some quiet alone time with nobody else around will be really really great!

And tomorrow is already Tuesday, so it's not too long of a week until Shabbos comes around again.
For now - sleep is next up on my agenda.

Boy am I tired!

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

One Whit!

Yesterday was fairly jam-packed. I spent hours tracing and cutting out paper dreidels. It was Buzz's last full day of gan before a full week of vacation.

Z had school until late so Buzz and I lit candles and partied together. Buzz was excited because he got to choose the menu for dinner. We enjoyed a romantic dinner of Shnitzelonim and fries.
Today was busy busy. Buzz helped me straighten up the house, we washed a lot of dishes, did some laundry, cooked some food, and baked some cream puffs!

Finally dinner time rolled around and The FamBily arrived to join us for a delicious dinner. The Crazy Lady did most of the cooking work - which was greatly appreciated! Good food, great company. What more can I say?
The rest of the week is more parties and lots of shabbos bris prep. So much craziness!

Until next time!

Monday, December 07, 2015

Have a deLIGHTful Day!!!

I last left you looking at dreary winter weather. Well, there hasn't been much rain but the temperatures are dropping. We have actually had the heat running the last two days. I feel like I'm getting old. The last 10 years were spent in a perpetually-chilled state but I never caved to turning the heat on. This year though I'm finding that my joints are freezing up (literally) the cold is making it hard to use my fingers! So I turned on the heat. I blame poor insulation and cheap windows with tris-boxes. 
Shabbos was a lot of fun. Friday night was relaxing. Shabbos morning we made our way across town and enjoyed an amazing shabbos day with The FamBily (Parentals and Dibble) and Rudy came to visit with a friend! Buzz was in a super friendly mood and played nicely with everybody! It was really sweet to see.

We got an exciting message from A&A letting us know that baby Boy Squish has been born on Shabbos afternoon! So we are looking at a Shabbat chanuka bris catered by us! Craaaaazinesss to the max! But we can do it!
Yesterday was exhausting but a lot of fun! After a follow-up appointment about my guts I made my way to The FamBily House. Then I shlepped The Crazy Lady out on an expedition! We went out to Migdal Hamayim.
We got a new watch battery, bought a present for Freddie, dropped off all of the assessment paperwork for Buzz to get evaluated for therapies, bought new body cream and scrub to combat my winter eczema, waited a long time for donuts, shopped at osher ad (where there was a potato shortage), swung by SuperH (and bought half a cow), then back to The FamBily House.

Second outing was to drop off stuff at my place, then gan pickup, followed by an unsuccessful stop at the post office, then back to The FamBily House for dreidel tracing, lighting, and dinner! Back at home the menorahs were missing from the chanuka box! Thankfully Z braved the creepy machsan and found them packed away in a 'new' chanuka box. Though how that happened is a mystery. Thankfully everything worked out.
Today is all about organizing the house and starting the baking for Shabbat. Tomorrow night we'll be doing dinner here so the place should look like slightly less of a wreck than it does now... Hehe, wish me luck with that. 

Today is also Buzz's last day of gan for a whole week. So I'll have a cute but whiny shadow around while doing crazy whirlwind prep for a whole bunch of things.
Happy Day 1!!!

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Dongle Bigot

Sunday seems like such a long time ago. But it was a fun day. I spent to morning out with Phil and The Crazy Lady. We went to Max Stock and Osher Ad. I kept busy in the early afternoon after they dropped me off at home. After gan Buzz and I went over to his friend's house for a play date. It was a very nice change of pace.
Monday was a very long day as usual. Gan ended early. Then at 5pm we went out to a chanuka party at Buzz's gan. Buzz was very excited to go. Somewhat excited when it finally began. And decidedly uncooperative when it came time to actually take part in the festivities. He's cute though, so nobody minded and he wasn't the only one who wouldn't sing and dance.
Tuesday kicked off with a rainy gloomy ride to Jerusalem. CBT must be working because I didn't have a complete breakdown when it was time to get into the car. I faced yet another fear going into a hospital. And then waited for my potentially terrifying appointment. Thankfully the results came back negative and I was able to breathe half a sigh of relief. (The other half of the sigh is waiting for my sisters to get their results back.)

The ride home was sunny and bright. The rain had cleared up. Z dropped me off at home then left for work. The afternoon and evening went by quickly enough.
Yesterday I walked over 4 kilometers. Besides for tiring myself out, it was quite enjoyable. I picked up Buzz from gan and we hopped on a bus across town. We arrived at The FamBily House in a timely manner. Dibble came home from school then he and Buzz had a crazy whip/naenae dance party. It was really entertaining to watch. When Z and The Mad Man got home we enjoyed a delicious dinner. Then we dashed for home since it was almost 8pm.

This morning got off to a late start. It's very wet and rainy outside. The weather is getting chillier and chillier. I thought I was ready for it, but now I just wish the thermometer would stay firmly at 24C. Wishful thinking, I know. On the bright side, I don't really have too much to do today. Some scanning work and I could straighten up the house in preparation for shabbos if I wanted to... But mostly just quiet and relaxing. I wish I could convince my brain to nap. These 5am wakeups are draining me.