Monday, December 07, 2015

Have a deLIGHTful Day!!!

I last left you looking at dreary winter weather. Well, there hasn't been much rain but the temperatures are dropping. We have actually had the heat running the last two days. I feel like I'm getting old. The last 10 years were spent in a perpetually-chilled state but I never caved to turning the heat on. This year though I'm finding that my joints are freezing up (literally) the cold is making it hard to use my fingers! So I turned on the heat. I blame poor insulation and cheap windows with tris-boxes. 
Shabbos was a lot of fun. Friday night was relaxing. Shabbos morning we made our way across town and enjoyed an amazing shabbos day with The FamBily (Parentals and Dibble) and Rudy came to visit with a friend! Buzz was in a super friendly mood and played nicely with everybody! It was really sweet to see.

We got an exciting message from A&A letting us know that baby Boy Squish has been born on Shabbos afternoon! So we are looking at a Shabbat chanuka bris catered by us! Craaaaazinesss to the max! But we can do it!
Yesterday was exhausting but a lot of fun! After a follow-up appointment about my guts I made my way to The FamBily House. Then I shlepped The Crazy Lady out on an expedition! We went out to Migdal Hamayim.
We got a new watch battery, bought a present for Freddie, dropped off all of the assessment paperwork for Buzz to get evaluated for therapies, bought new body cream and scrub to combat my winter eczema, waited a long time for donuts, shopped at osher ad (where there was a potato shortage), swung by SuperH (and bought half a cow), then back to The FamBily House.

Second outing was to drop off stuff at my place, then gan pickup, followed by an unsuccessful stop at the post office, then back to The FamBily House for dreidel tracing, lighting, and dinner! Back at home the menorahs were missing from the chanuka box! Thankfully Z braved the creepy machsan and found them packed away in a 'new' chanuka box. Though how that happened is a mystery. Thankfully everything worked out.
Today is all about organizing the house and starting the baking for Shabbat. Tomorrow night we'll be doing dinner here so the place should look like slightly less of a wreck than it does now... Hehe, wish me luck with that. 

Today is also Buzz's last day of gan for a whole week. So I'll have a cute but whiny shadow around while doing crazy whirlwind prep for a whole bunch of things.
Happy Day 1!!!

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