Tuesday, December 08, 2015

One Whit!

Yesterday was fairly jam-packed. I spent hours tracing and cutting out paper dreidels. It was Buzz's last full day of gan before a full week of vacation.

Z had school until late so Buzz and I lit candles and partied together. Buzz was excited because he got to choose the menu for dinner. We enjoyed a romantic dinner of Shnitzelonim and fries.
Today was busy busy. Buzz helped me straighten up the house, we washed a lot of dishes, did some laundry, cooked some food, and baked some cream puffs!

Finally dinner time rolled around and The FamBily arrived to join us for a delicious dinner. The Crazy Lady did most of the cooking work - which was greatly appreciated! Good food, great company. What more can I say?
The rest of the week is more parties and lots of shabbos bris prep. So much craziness!

Until next time!

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