Thursday, December 31, 2015

Tunchies & Foons

I keep uploading photos and meaning to blog but then I get distracted and it just doesn't happen.

So here I am trying to get at least one post out the door - since I missed the while second half of December.
Last Thursday Z's afternoon classes were cancelled so he stayed home from school. The best part of the day was after we picked Buzz up from gan. We had a super fun family outing. We made a trip out to RBS to visit the baking-stuff-store and a candy shop. 

Then we made Buzz's day complete when we stopped off to pick up a pie of pizza for dinner. Homemade is awesome but it doesn't come with cardboard rectangles or a super cool box. There's something thrilling about sitting in a pizzeria waiting for your pie to be ready. Magic happens when you have some mandatory 'free' time and choose to make the most of it.
Back at home we baked up our special treats with Buzz. His very favorite thing to watch is a Cupcake Jemma's channel on YouTube. He is literally a devoted fan. I'm pretty sure he's watched every video that she ever uploaded. She had put together a great little tutorial for mini gingerbread houses and ever since his first glimpse of her creations Buzz had been begging us to make some. So we finally did - in time for New Years. The kid was ecstatic!
On Friday after picking Buzz up from gan we buckled down and decorated our houses! Buzz had a blast with the candies and decorations. Definitely a successful activity. The kid's happiness level was through the roof.

We actually took the houses with us to lunch at The FamBily House. They were very much enjoyed by the crowd. (Including the FF among us. Go barley flour and featherlight finger-work!)
Sunday morning rolled around and Buzz and I made it to our final evaluation at the 'child development center'. I got Buzz to gan a little before noon then picked him up a couple of hours later. We missed the bus across town so we ended up walking over to The FamBily House. No big surprise that buzz slept fairly well that night.

On Monday I set myself to the task of straightening up the apartment. Three loads of laundry, two empty kitchen sinks, and a clean floor later - I was fairly pleased with my progress. I picked Buzz up from gan and we stopped off at S&S for a couple of hours. Buzz was thrilled to spend time with them, and so was I! Eventually we made our way home - we got in just in time to make some pita pizza for dinner. By then Buzz was on cloud nine.
Today felt like Wednesday but it was only Tuesday. I cleaned more. Overhauled a bunch of the kid's room, sanitized the detergent drawer from my washer, and some other things I'd been procrastinating. I left to pick up the kiddo a little early so that we could catch the bus at 3:50pm instead of waiting until 4:20pm. Thankfully we made it with two minutes to spare. Buzz chose to sit in the very last row on the bus, that sure was a bumpy adventure. (There are A LOT of speed bumps between our place and The FamBily House.)

The Crazy Lady fed us an absolutely delicious dinner. These dashed and tossed Buzz into bed with a warm-water-bottle and two bedtime stories.

Tomorrow is (finally) Wednesday.

Not even sure what it's got in store for me.

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