Sunday, January 31, 2016


That movie-like moment after a long day. You put the broom back in its corner after sweeping the house and you give the kitchen counter one last wipe. As you sigh and walk out of the kitchen you catch sight of your husband and son sitting at the table and discussing current events and wonders of nature.

Tears prickle in your eyes. You slide your hand into your back pocket where you always keep a tissue handy. Instead of a tissue you pull out a crinkly layer of dried onion skin that your son snuck into your pocket while helping you prepare dinner. You can't help but smile.

Sometimes it's the small things.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Hello Again, Monday.

Remember how for aaaages Buzz just wanted to cosleep with us? That meant he took over my bed and I would stumble around the house trying to keep my eyes closed and carrying my bedding in an attempt to find somewhere comfortable to lie down before getting too awake and ultimately spending 3-5 hours of 'nighttime' wide-awake and annoyed? 

So, that all changed a few months ago.

He decided that really he wanted to sleep in his bed BUT that when he woke up in the middle of the night he wanted Z to go and join him. 

Z was not pleased with this solution.

So we've found a different solution. He's back in our room, but at least he isn't in our bed.
This week is basically entirely focused on making sure that Z passes his 'final' studio presentation next week. 

Yesterday I offered to help - because who in their right mind wouldn't want to play with a hot glue gun? We built that city! It went much more quickly with four hands. I just wish he'd buckle down and get the rest of it done as quickly.

Maybe I should smash his phone and computer...
Speaking of buildling... The front half of our house is plastered! They still have two more sides to do - but it's looking good from the street.

The window guy is working on our burgundy window frames, the door people are working on our dark wood doors, the ceramics people are gathering up our pretty faux-parquet, and the kablan is ordering the paint.

Moving along. Not as quickly as I'd like. But it's moving.
Remember last week how Buzz dragged us to the mall on a hunt for rainbow colored rainboots? Remember how that was the second time we'd attempted that particular mission? Well, yesterday at Max Stock I noticed some child-sized rainbows hanging on the glove display. Fingerless rainbow gloves for all of 5 shekels. I bought a pair. 

He. Was. Ecstatic.


He loves them so much that he slept in them last night. Then he wore them to gan today. Not sure whether the ganenot will be able to peel them off of him.

We may need to bathe him with them on just to get them clean.
Oh, the happiness!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Ineffective Biohazard Suits

The last two days have been an endless parade of tiny buildings and shavings of cardboard-stuff all over my floors. Stupid architecture school.
After gan today we gave Buzz the freedom to choose a place to go to. He opted for the mall. He was optimistic that this trip would yield a pair of rainbow-colored-rainboots for him. Sadly, the boots did not materialize. He did however get some new socks (who let his feet get so big?!) and chose a birthday present for Little Miss (Mini) Freddie. Since it was dinner time and he was "maybe just a little bit hungry" we treated him to a slice of his favorite kind of pizza - which obviously is a slice topped with olives.
Tomorrow is Thursday. I've really got a lot to get done. Hopefully I'll manage to be productive. So much to clean, so much to do, so so so much. Wish me luck!

Monday, January 18, 2016

The Lord Who Speaks for The Cheese!

Last week ended on a very productive note. On Friday morning we trekked out to an industrial park at Tzomet Kessem. We met with a metal-works guy and custom-designed our railing for the stairs. It's going to be so pretty - captivating in its simplicity but with an air of elegance. I'm really excited!
Shabbat was beautiful. Friday night dinner was delicious - I basically made stew but the protein portion of the show was whole chicken thighs and meatballs.

For lunch we made our way across town to The FamBily House. The weather was beautiful so we stopped at the park on our way to lunch. Buzz was thrilled. Lunch was a quiet affair (Dibble was the only sibling around.) Thankfully Buzz made enough noise to fill up the house - you would've thought that there was a full family reunion going on...
Sunday was Z's first day home. The semester is over so now he has two weeks to prepare his 'mid-year presentation' (which is basically a final project.) It's A LOT of work.

He worked hard all morning. Then in the afternoon we drove around the city checking craft/art supply stores to see where we could acquire a variety of materials. We made it home with enough time to grab a snack, then we were off to gan pickup. Buzz was confused as to why we were both there.
This morning Z had planned to drive out to Netivot and choose doors for the house. For months he had been insisting that there was no need for me to go with him. Of course... This morning he completely changed his tune. That's how I ended up steeling my nerves and heading out to the desert in a chilly sandstorm.

We chose doors for the bedrooms and bathrooms, then we chose a front door (in 'Bordeaux' to match the window frames). Back in the car we made a split second decision to swing by the ceramics showroom on the outskirts of the city to choose a backsplash tile for the kitchen. It didn't take long at all and 20 minutes later we were on the way to our building-site!
The interior plastering is almost done. Today the crew was working on getting the external insulation up. Everything is looking really good. With today's tiyul successfully completed we've finally made all kablan-dependent decisions with regard to the house. Besides for officially ordering the kitchen, and choosing some lighting fixtures - we are good to go.

We met up with a new/future neighbor and after finishing at our site, we went over and got the grand tour of their house-to-be. It's really exciting stuff! It's also nice to be able to talk to people who can relate to the process and be excited because they're also going through it.
We made it back to The Sun House with 10 minutes to run into the grocery store then we made it to gan pickup right on time.

Tomorrow will be devoted to building models and organizing stuff around the house.

No more procrastinating.

We practically need to start packing!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Well, it's been just about a week. *waves at friend who left comments just to confirm receipt and say hi!!!* *waves hi to everyone there reading too - just because I like everyone to feel included*
Today was Buzz's first day back at gan! Why it took a full five days to get the results of a throat culture is beyond me. Stupid lab. Stupid weekend. Stupid backlog. Whatever, finally the results were in and the poor kid had been suffering from Strep since last Wednesday but in an effort to not medicate unnecessarily I opted to wait for concrete test results before beginning antibiotics. Obviously it was a choice I made and the only real detriment to the kid was the fact that he was stuck at home for an extra 4 days.

Aaaaaanyway - he's on antibiotics now and they'll kick the infection soon enough.
It's hard to believe that it's Wednesday. Tomorrow I'm hoping to get most (read: all) of the Shabbos cooking done so that Friday I'm free to join Z on a road-trip to the 'bannister store'. It's time to choose a guard-rail for our awesomely amazing staircase.
This afternoon I picked Buzz up from gan then we took the bus across town. Buzz LOVES taking the bus. The weather was beautiful so we didn't mind that the driver completely missed our stop our took us to the stop up the street near The Parental's shul. We thoroughly enjoyed our walk downhill to The FamBily House.

We were very much looking forward to a delicious dinner with The FamBily and S&S, but Buzz got VERY grumpy and overtired. We packed up, The Crazy Lady packed us a BEAUTIFUL dinner to-go, and we made our way home. It was 6:30pm and Buzz was begging to go to bed. (Yes, the kid who almost never actually falls asleep before 8pm.) I know he's recovering and it was his first day back at gan - but wow - quite unexpected.

Z and I got to enjoy dinner together. Then at 7:30, Z settled down to work on homework for 'just 2-3 hours' (ha, yeah right, we'll see about that at 3:30am...)
Since tomorrow is Thursday and all... I felt the need to bake a batch of cookies. I like to send care-packages to Phil on days that Z drives out to school. Just so she knows that we love her and are thinking of her. Also because it helps me share the calories so that I only eat 12 of the 20 cookies that I get out of every batch. Hehehe. You know what I mean.

This Thursday's goody-box will contain some dairy chocolate chip cookies. Not only are they made with (real) butter, they've also got chunks of dark and ('real') white chocolate along with some chopped walnuts. I sprinkled a tiny bit of flaked sea salt on top just to balance out all of the sweetness.


Don't hate me - I need the calories and to be honest, the butter will be beneficial for my cholesterol level. Mmmmm, any excuse to eat cookies.

Thursday, January 07, 2016

Around the Far Tree!

Poor Buzzmonster is sick. Again. This time it's all about the cough and the fever. The cough that keeps him up aaaaaaaalllllllllllllll night long and the fever that makes him sure that his blankets are trying to eat him. Hellllloooo fever-dreams - and not the good kind. Are there a good kind? I digress...
He was pretty miserable yesterday when I picked him up from gan early after a frantic call from the ganenet saying that he was not acting like his usual jolly obstinate self. We got home and I wouldn't even let him help me dip the cookies in chocolate or sprinkle them with colorful delights.
We decided to give our old penguin friend a turn to help clear out some of the congestion. A little saline in the nebulizer never hurt - right? Buzz wasn't thrilled to be turned into a smoke breathing dragon but he stuck it out.
He was quite polite and specific about his dinner demands. Then he promptly fell asleep halfway through his meal.

We had a loooong night with wakeups every two hours. Twice the kid insisted (in sobs and shrieks) that the blankets were coming and that he didn't want them. (He wasn't even sleeping under a blanket.)

Now we are three VERY tired people.
He conked out again in the middle of breakfast. When he woke up his fever was pushing 40C so we rushed him out to the doctor who said that antibiotics should help. I guess we'll see...

During a euphoric/delusional episode this morning he kept insisting that he and Frank needed to go to the bakery to get donuts. The Crazy Lady was kind enough to bring him a donut and maybe Frank will brave the germs to visit later.
Tomorrow is Friday, I should get a move on prepping shabbos. 

But I'm just soooooo tired.