Thursday, January 07, 2016

Around the Far Tree!

Poor Buzzmonster is sick. Again. This time it's all about the cough and the fever. The cough that keeps him up aaaaaaaalllllllllllllll night long and the fever that makes him sure that his blankets are trying to eat him. Hellllloooo fever-dreams - and not the good kind. Are there a good kind? I digress...
He was pretty miserable yesterday when I picked him up from gan early after a frantic call from the ganenet saying that he was not acting like his usual jolly obstinate self. We got home and I wouldn't even let him help me dip the cookies in chocolate or sprinkle them with colorful delights.
We decided to give our old penguin friend a turn to help clear out some of the congestion. A little saline in the nebulizer never hurt - right? Buzz wasn't thrilled to be turned into a smoke breathing dragon but he stuck it out.
He was quite polite and specific about his dinner demands. Then he promptly fell asleep halfway through his meal.

We had a loooong night with wakeups every two hours. Twice the kid insisted (in sobs and shrieks) that the blankets were coming and that he didn't want them. (He wasn't even sleeping under a blanket.)

Now we are three VERY tired people.
He conked out again in the middle of breakfast. When he woke up his fever was pushing 40C so we rushed him out to the doctor who said that antibiotics should help. I guess we'll see...

During a euphoric/delusional episode this morning he kept insisting that he and Frank needed to go to the bakery to get donuts. The Crazy Lady was kind enough to bring him a donut and maybe Frank will brave the germs to visit later.
Tomorrow is Friday, I should get a move on prepping shabbos. 

But I'm just soooooo tired.

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Sassy said...


I suddenly was thinking about you and looked to see if your blog was still active... and excitedly enough, it is! Last time I saw pictures of your buba, he was a newborn baby! kn'h! He is precious!! So adorable, I just wanna eat him (together with those delicious looking chocolate dipped cookies ;-)

Shabbat shalom!