Monday, January 25, 2016

Hello Again, Monday.

Remember how for aaaages Buzz just wanted to cosleep with us? That meant he took over my bed and I would stumble around the house trying to keep my eyes closed and carrying my bedding in an attempt to find somewhere comfortable to lie down before getting too awake and ultimately spending 3-5 hours of 'nighttime' wide-awake and annoyed? 

So, that all changed a few months ago.

He decided that really he wanted to sleep in his bed BUT that when he woke up in the middle of the night he wanted Z to go and join him. 

Z was not pleased with this solution.

So we've found a different solution. He's back in our room, but at least he isn't in our bed.
This week is basically entirely focused on making sure that Z passes his 'final' studio presentation next week. 

Yesterday I offered to help - because who in their right mind wouldn't want to play with a hot glue gun? We built that city! It went much more quickly with four hands. I just wish he'd buckle down and get the rest of it done as quickly.

Maybe I should smash his phone and computer...
Speaking of buildling... The front half of our house is plastered! They still have two more sides to do - but it's looking good from the street.

The window guy is working on our burgundy window frames, the door people are working on our dark wood doors, the ceramics people are gathering up our pretty faux-parquet, and the kablan is ordering the paint.

Moving along. Not as quickly as I'd like. But it's moving.
Remember last week how Buzz dragged us to the mall on a hunt for rainbow colored rainboots? Remember how that was the second time we'd attempted that particular mission? Well, yesterday at Max Stock I noticed some child-sized rainbows hanging on the glove display. Fingerless rainbow gloves for all of 5 shekels. I bought a pair. 

He. Was. Ecstatic.


He loves them so much that he slept in them last night. Then he wore them to gan today. Not sure whether the ganenot will be able to peel them off of him.

We may need to bathe him with them on just to get them clean.
Oh, the happiness!

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