Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Ineffective Biohazard Suits

The last two days have been an endless parade of tiny buildings and shavings of cardboard-stuff all over my floors. Stupid architecture school.
After gan today we gave Buzz the freedom to choose a place to go to. He opted for the mall. He was optimistic that this trip would yield a pair of rainbow-colored-rainboots for him. Sadly, the boots did not materialize. He did however get some new socks (who let his feet get so big?!) and chose a birthday present for Little Miss (Mini) Freddie. Since it was dinner time and he was "maybe just a little bit hungry" we treated him to a slice of his favorite kind of pizza - which obviously is a slice topped with olives.
Tomorrow is Thursday. I've really got a lot to get done. Hopefully I'll manage to be productive. So much to clean, so much to do, so so so much. Wish me luck!

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