Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Well, it's been just about a week. *waves at friend who left comments just to confirm receipt and say hi!!!* *waves hi to everyone there reading too - just because I like everyone to feel included*
Today was Buzz's first day back at gan! Why it took a full five days to get the results of a throat culture is beyond me. Stupid lab. Stupid weekend. Stupid backlog. Whatever, finally the results were in and the poor kid had been suffering from Strep since last Wednesday but in an effort to not medicate unnecessarily I opted to wait for concrete test results before beginning antibiotics. Obviously it was a choice I made and the only real detriment to the kid was the fact that he was stuck at home for an extra 4 days.

Aaaaaanyway - he's on antibiotics now and they'll kick the infection soon enough.
It's hard to believe that it's Wednesday. Tomorrow I'm hoping to get most (read: all) of the Shabbos cooking done so that Friday I'm free to join Z on a road-trip to the 'bannister store'. It's time to choose a guard-rail for our awesomely amazing staircase.
This afternoon I picked Buzz up from gan then we took the bus across town. Buzz LOVES taking the bus. The weather was beautiful so we didn't mind that the driver completely missed our stop our took us to the stop up the street near The Parental's shul. We thoroughly enjoyed our walk downhill to The FamBily House.

We were very much looking forward to a delicious dinner with The FamBily and S&S, but Buzz got VERY grumpy and overtired. We packed up, The Crazy Lady packed us a BEAUTIFUL dinner to-go, and we made our way home. It was 6:30pm and Buzz was begging to go to bed. (Yes, the kid who almost never actually falls asleep before 8pm.) I know he's recovering and it was his first day back at gan - but wow - quite unexpected.

Z and I got to enjoy dinner together. Then at 7:30, Z settled down to work on homework for 'just 2-3 hours' (ha, yeah right, we'll see about that at 3:30am...)
Since tomorrow is Thursday and all... I felt the need to bake a batch of cookies. I like to send care-packages to Phil on days that Z drives out to school. Just so she knows that we love her and are thinking of her. Also because it helps me share the calories so that I only eat 12 of the 20 cookies that I get out of every batch. Hehehe. You know what I mean.

This Thursday's goody-box will contain some dairy chocolate chip cookies. Not only are they made with (real) butter, they've also got chunks of dark and ('real') white chocolate along with some chopped walnuts. I sprinkled a tiny bit of flaked sea salt on top just to balance out all of the sweetness.


Don't hate me - I need the calories and to be honest, the butter will be beneficial for my cholesterol level. Mmmmm, any excuse to eat cookies.

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