Monday, January 18, 2016

The Lord Who Speaks for The Cheese!

Last week ended on a very productive note. On Friday morning we trekked out to an industrial park at Tzomet Kessem. We met with a metal-works guy and custom-designed our railing for the stairs. It's going to be so pretty - captivating in its simplicity but with an air of elegance. I'm really excited!
Shabbat was beautiful. Friday night dinner was delicious - I basically made stew but the protein portion of the show was whole chicken thighs and meatballs.

For lunch we made our way across town to The FamBily House. The weather was beautiful so we stopped at the park on our way to lunch. Buzz was thrilled. Lunch was a quiet affair (Dibble was the only sibling around.) Thankfully Buzz made enough noise to fill up the house - you would've thought that there was a full family reunion going on...
Sunday was Z's first day home. The semester is over so now he has two weeks to prepare his 'mid-year presentation' (which is basically a final project.) It's A LOT of work.

He worked hard all morning. Then in the afternoon we drove around the city checking craft/art supply stores to see where we could acquire a variety of materials. We made it home with enough time to grab a snack, then we were off to gan pickup. Buzz was confused as to why we were both there.
This morning Z had planned to drive out to Netivot and choose doors for the house. For months he had been insisting that there was no need for me to go with him. Of course... This morning he completely changed his tune. That's how I ended up steeling my nerves and heading out to the desert in a chilly sandstorm.

We chose doors for the bedrooms and bathrooms, then we chose a front door (in 'Bordeaux' to match the window frames). Back in the car we made a split second decision to swing by the ceramics showroom on the outskirts of the city to choose a backsplash tile for the kitchen. It didn't take long at all and 20 minutes later we were on the way to our building-site!
The interior plastering is almost done. Today the crew was working on getting the external insulation up. Everything is looking really good. With today's tiyul successfully completed we've finally made all kablan-dependent decisions with regard to the house. Besides for officially ordering the kitchen, and choosing some lighting fixtures - we are good to go.

We met up with a new/future neighbor and after finishing at our site, we went over and got the grand tour of their house-to-be. It's really exciting stuff! It's also nice to be able to talk to people who can relate to the process and be excited because they're also going through it.
We made it back to The Sun House with 10 minutes to run into the grocery store then we made it to gan pickup right on time.

Tomorrow will be devoted to building models and organizing stuff around the house.

No more procrastinating.

We practically need to start packing!

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