Monday, February 29, 2016

8 is close to 10. Right?

I got lucky(?) with leap day giving me one extra chance to sneak a second post in for February.

This month has been busy and jam-packed and exhausting (mostly in a good way).

We had birthdays, birthday outings, family reunions, and other crazy big decisions being made.
The Parentals are heading off across the pond for two weeks on a romantic getaway. We'll be living in two places as once while 'Dibble-sitting' and pet-watching. (I don't mind sitting on Dibble, but I prefer to not sit on the pets.)

Z went back to school today so that means a new semester is in full swing. This semester he will be out of the house for about 16 hours a day 3 times a week. Yeah, you read that right. Mondays, Wednesays, and Thursdays he is out from 7am until 11pm or so. It's 'only' 13 (yes, THIRTEEN not including Pesach) weeks, but I might actually go craz(ier that I already am.).

There's nowhere near enough chocolate, ice cream, or antiacids, in the world to get me through this in one piece.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Angela Adelman at your service...

Where have I been?! I'm actually not even sure where the days have been disappearing to.

Yesterday I actually made a 'little' calendar to help us countdown to moving-week. Still not sure of an exact date but one day the week of my birthday. That's good enough for now. 18 more Shabbatot to go.
I guess I missed telling you about the delicious chocolate cupcakes I made for The Crazy Lady's Hebrew birthday. Piled a mile(ish) high with real-chocolate frosting. They were delicious.

Z presented and subsequently passed his Studio presentation. That's one semester down, three more to go. Thankfully only one more semester of Studio left.
We shlepped the Parentals out to visit our house. Made the concrete, concrete. So to speak. Tortured The Crazy Lady and forced her us to the second floor - but we had mercy and didn't make her check out the basement. There will be plenty of time once there's a railing on those crazy stairs.

The roof is sealed, the plaster is done, and the wall around the lot is finished. Next up tiling, Windows, doors, and painting! 
Starting on Saturday, Buzz's allergy/asthma cough kicked into high gear. A beautiful warm weather spell has defended and it's like summer in February. Sunny and delightful, with beautiful blue skies all around. All well and good besides the fact that the kid's immune system goes completely haywire at sudden changes.

So he's been congested, and coughing, and sneezing, and running a low-grade-fever, and not sleeping which doesn't help matters.

Two trips to the dr in 15 hours and basically it's the same old story.

We kept him home today because it was better for him to rest. But this morning after his 8:45am dr appointment he was full of energy which is why we went to the big 'yellow' park. He was SO happy.
And yes, he is wearing pajamas. He opted not to get dressed since our original plan was dr then back to bed. The park didn't seem to mind his pjs, and the fresh air and sunshine were wonderful for all of us.
There are a lot of FamBily birthdays this week. One tomorrow, then a double-doozy of a day on Thursday. Good thing I bought a lot of eggs!